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Fench Double Barrel Coach Gun

french double barrel coach gun

Season 2 Episode 4

This French Double Barrel Coach Gun is pretty sweet.

Introduced in the mid 1700’s, owned by wealthy aristocrats and took several months to produce.

Ha this thing is no joke. Really really cool. The spring loaded bayonet is really cool.

Rick needs to call in Sean on this one. This def has some potential!

I am really loving this gun, it is bad!!! Rick really seems to like it too.
I really like Sean he def knows his stuff and is stoked about this French Double Barrel.
Sean says it screams authenticity and was prob made around 1750.
It has 3 proof marks! Crown over G, E and F. They are english proofs on a French gun. There is def some history to this gun!

Awesome these guns were used for defending coaches. Blast people then jam them with the bayonet lol.

Whats is worth ….???? DangG!!!! 10k!! This seller is pumped! Now Rick wants it too.

Seller wants $6000 Rick is playing the game and offers $2500 “Go for more man!!!”
Nice barter time. Rick is showing him a 1952 Les Paul. Wow what a sweet guitar!!

DEAL!! Both men are happy. Love to see that.
Seller thought he would grab a few 100. What a deal!!

Now we gotta test this Double Barrel.
Of course Chumlee is the guinea pig again. Loading it up with 40 grains in each barrel.

Chum Ready Aim Fire!! – Dang this thing is no joke!! Chum takes the targets down with a passion!! Nice

Great show guys.

3 Responses to Fench Double Barrel Coach Gun

  1. Brandon says:

    Hi this is an extremely random question but do you know the name of the classical piece that is being played when they show the stats of the gun at the beginning of the segment? I have been looking for the name FOREVER!

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  3. Caitlin says:

    Really, this is an amazing firearm. I would give anything to have this.

    Sadly, I’m only 14, and I have nothing of value.

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