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Fine old erotic drawings

This lens I wanted to put up for sale over 10 years accumulation of automotive design renderings and hand sketches from myself as well Renderings from actual professional designers from the big three.
One major note these are Actual Drawings not colour copies or reproductions most are drawn on silk vellum paper using the medium different from marker and chalk pastel on vellum to colour pencil on vellum or different papers. Personal computer pictures are printed on the large photograph paper. These Images have not been reproduced these where used as course projects plus the software program and Working programs employed to produce them has now grew to become obsolete so it truly is unattainable to create additional of them. I was a student of Automotive style in the Cleveland Institute of Art from 1988-2000. I graduated in 2000 with a BFA in Industrial Style. Ive collected these drawings for several years and now I want to share them with everybody. Fine old erotic drawings
The proceeds and sale of these Artwork operates with go toward my dream Ive had given that I was somewhat boy expanding up in Ohio. To be a race automobile driver…I know seems type of childish but to me it can be a passion I sadly could by no means go after do to price and duties in the time. I am what you might call a starving artist bad monetarily but incredibly rich in thoughts and spirit.
We have 1 lifestyle…
I know that so that you can attain 1 objectives it will take challenging work and persistence I have been involved with several unique tasks over the ages including operating inside the movement picture market particularly the movies- Welcome to Collinwood along with the Antwone Fisher Story. I have been a waiter a toy shop manager I have marketed timeshares cars mattresses consumer program expert along with a graphic artistdesigner Photographer as well as a rock musician drummer. Went to an awesome college obtained a degree in automotive design and recognized I could not have what it takes to obtain employed by a key vehicle organization and reside the dream of designing vehicles to get a residing. The closest I acquired to that dream was an interview using the french auto firm Peugeot Ill chalk it up as an awesome expertise but sadly my college student portfolio lacked in particular locations that stored me from proceeding any further. At present like numerous others from the thousands here within the best nation within the globe the USA I am not currently employed. Ive identified an awesome females to invest my time with that will support me in what actually I would like to do how uncommon is that and indeed I am a really lucky gentleman indeed.
So why would 1 prefer to be considered a race car driver at such an outdated age I am forty decades older but age means nothing when pursuing one dreams ideal For those who believe in re-incarnation then the thought that we only have 1 lifestyle to reside doesnt seriously suggest that a lot but Im one of skepticism and believe weve one daily life on this planet and we have to do Almost everything we can to have a fun and satisfying existence the sort of existence that brings us joy and journey. You will be by no means to old to perform what actually makes you thrilled to awaken within the early morning and start your day. I realize Im not heading to be the subsequent Andretti or Mansel or perhaps a Schumacher yeah ideal these fellows started racing prior to they may legally drive a auto on public roads. I prefer to attend a drivers college and obtain my racing license obtain a employed sports car perhaps a Porsche and race race race until I get greater as well as win. Im not heading to complete this to the dollars glamor prestige..ect. oh no Im likely to try and do this purely to the enjoy

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