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Hanovia Sun Lamp


Chum thinks its the bat light lol

  • Hanovia established in Britain, 1924
  • Originally marketed to cure “sun starvation”

Even comes with some sweet goggles! hot!

The guy has some literature on it and it is very interesting lol. Rick tells Chum to plug it in. The guys are scared to plug it in ha! It’s alive and shining! Time to put the goggles on.

The guy is looking for $400, but Rick is not there and offers $40. Not really collectible, but a bit weird and the guy counters with $100 and Rick says $50. He is gonna bite!! He bites

DEAL – $50

2 Responses to Hanovia Sun Lamp

  1. Koos Eisenberg says:

    Amazon, easy $100.

  2. Koos Eisenberg says:

    This is how to make a profit.

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