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Harry S. Truman Memoirs

Truman memoirsHarry S. Truman was certainly one of the major Presidents of the 20th century. Most noted for being the only President who ever unleashed nuclear power by dropping the A bomb in WWII, but he also saw Maoist communist China formed, NATO created and the IRON Curtain dropped during his presidency.

Harry S. Truman

  • was the 33rd President of The United States and lived from 1884 – 1972
  • he served as the VP to FDR for all of 82 days during FDR’s fourth term as President
  • he only lost 1 election in his career and that was for a second term as a county judge in Jackson County, Mo in 1924
  • the Manhattan Project was the secret project that developed the A bomb which cost $2 billion to build back in 1945. That translates to about $20 billion today.

Rick must have done well in history class as he added that Harry Truman was a Senator form Missouri and as President he prevented the country from entering another depression after WWII. Truman was also the guy that fired General McArthur!

All this history is brought to light when some personally autographed memoir books and another book make their way into the pawn store. The seller who’s looking for all of $3000 is very confident that they have significant value and that they are authentic. Rick knows that history buffs and other collectors of Presidential memorabilia would just love these. Now since the most expensive rare book ever sold was Leonardo da Vinci’s “Codex Leicester” which was sold to no other than Bill Gates in 1994 for a cool $30.8 million, Rick isn’t even going to attempt dealing with this without a couple of experts.

Drew, a signature expert come prepared with sample genuine Harry S Truman signature in a series of bank checks. They were all dated in the same period as the signatures in the books and by the time he was done analysing, he stated that they are unquestionably genuine. truman signature

A rare trip outside of the pawn store brings the seller and Rick to a bookstore to meet with Rebbecca, an expert on old and rare books. Rebbecca states that The Citizen itself would be worth about $2500 just for the Truman autograph. However, due to the actual inscription and to whom it was made out to, the value goes up considerably. Both memoir books and The Citizen had personal messages written to Leon Keyserling who was a huge in-fluency to the President. Leon Keyserling was the Chairman of The Council of Economic Advisers. In Rebbecca’s opinion, this fact brought the total value of all 3 books to about $11,000.

So Rick naturally offers 5500 to which the seller balks. Ultimately she won’t go below 9K and Rick won’t go above $7500. She walks even though she only anticipated getting 3 grand when she walked in. I wonder how high of a bid she’d get on EBay?



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