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I love cartoons especially those We watched as a youngster. For the fun of it and as a bit of a reference point for myself and all you actually other good persons out there I created this little web site listing many dont assume all of the 70s life was imple cartoons and dwell action shows that are now available on DVD.
If you are searching for information about 70s cartoons… you can find additional information at the following websites- 70s Cartoons- Saturday Morning Entertaining and webpage two of this string More 70s Saturday Morning Enjoyable but if you might be just looking to discover whats available on DVD Lets hope this will be of outside assistance to you.
The Addams Family Available October 19 2010

That 1973 animated string based on our favorite weird and kooky family have taken to the open path in their Victorian RV stepping into all kinds of silly escapades like freeing animals from a zoo getting combined with gold thieves blasting off to this moon in Granddad Festers rocket This fixed has all 07 episodes on 5 discs. How old is danny koker

The All New Very Friends Season One particular Vol 1 And… Year 1 Volume Only two

The All New Tremendous Friends Hour jogged from September Twelve 1977 to September 2 1978 with a full of 15 assaults made. There were several animated short tales in each episodes. Superman Wonder Girl Batman and Robin the boy wonder and Aquaman return and new to this collection was the Wonder Twin babies Zan and Jayna and their area monkey Gleek. Gone are usually Wendy Marvin and Wonderdog.
The first message would feature two of our favorite super people working together. The second message was a Zan and Jayna narrative. The third segment was a story that engaged all the Super Buddies. The fourth segment would usually be structured around a guest star like Rima Your Jungle Girl or perhaps Apache Chief among others.
Also in between the sections you might discover Wonder Woman teaching you tips on how to do a magic technique or Superman providing you with basic first aid details or Batman in addition to Robin offering right up safety tips.
Year One Volume 3 is also available.

Ark 2- mobile research research lab Released November 7 2006

Ark II would have been a live action sci-fi show that aired about CBS beginning upon September 11 1976. The world population has finally been ruined and those who survive require help to rebuild. This is how the Ark II will come in… a mobile study science lab together with Jonah Terry LesterRuth Jean Marie HonSamuel Jos Flores and Adam a new chimp who travel the particular waste lands discussing their knowledge operating they encounter. Fifteen episodes of this are living action series were being filmed. It was slightly ahead of its time a tad campy and preachy in best but still a great show to watch.

The Best Of The Scooby Doo Movies NOT the Complete Collection

We had two periods of Scooby Doo Where by Are You and when Scooby returned on the scene he has been now doing 1 hour episodes in the string The New Scooby-Doo Movies which in turn began on November 9 1972. There have been 25 episodes created but this disc compilation has 12-15 of the best of the Scooby Doo Shows. Not being able to make appropriate contractual agreements with some with the guest stars within this series prevented people episodes from currently being included in this release.

Challenge of the Super Friends Season One Released July 6 2004

Banded together by remote galaxies tend to be 13 of the most scary villains of all time space the Legion involving Doom Dedicated to one particular objective the cure of the universe Just one group dares to concern this intergalactic threat – The Superfriends
I thought this was the third outing to the Super Friends getting entertained us inside The Super Friends in 1960 then moving onto the All New Super Friends Hour in 1977 and finally his or her incarnation fighting against the actual Legion of Doom in the 1978 series.
Fat Albert- Year One Volume 1 Released March 8 2005

An animated sequence produced and organised by comedian Costs Cosby and based on Bills experiences from his child years with friends in addition to their adventures together. Bill lent his style to a number of heroes on the show including our own lovable Fat Albert. Your show always experienced educational lessons to teach. One of the really enjoyable segments of the indicate was when the children would gather together in the local junkyard and sing an audio lesson using instruments they made out of things that they found in the junkyard. This was but still is a wonderful demonstrate with some very optimistic messages that by no means go out of style.
The 1st twelve episodes of the very first season are on this specific disc. Also available is definitely Season One Quantity 2 as well as other Weight Albert discs such as Fat Alberts Trick or treat Special and Fat Alberts Christmas Special plus more.
Interesting Web Sites Bill Cosbys Standard Site
The Funky Phantom Available March 26 2010
Over a cold rainy evening three lost kids April Skip along with Augie plus their dog Elmo take refuge within an old abandoned house in hopes of getting out of your rain storm. While generally there they notice a big old grandfather clock and for the fun of it they will reset the palms and suddenly out of the clock pops Jonathan Wellington Mudsy Muddlemore and his awesome cat Boo. Now your teens and their brand-new found friends traveling around the country side resolving mysteries and getting in to all kinds of silly situations.
Goober and The Ghost Chasers Available October 26 2010
This specific Hanna-Barbera cartoon ran intended for 16 episodes starting point on September 14 1973. Our idol Goober was a fraidy cat doggy who along with his individual friends Ted Gilly and Tina visited the world over investigating paranormal exercise. Every time Goober got worried he would turn cannot be seen and that seemed to occur a lot. This present also featured the Partridge kids Danny Tracy Chris along with Laurie voiced by the Danny Bonaduce Suzanne Crough Brian Create and Susan Morning
The Ghost Busters -Live Motion Show Released April 19 2007

This dwell action show jogged from 1975 in order to 76 with 12-15 episodes made. Lewis Storch and Forrest Tucker co personalities in the classic string F-Troop are a team associated with detectives who check out paranormal occurrences and they arent very good at it. The inventors were aided inside their adventures by Tracy Your Gorilla which was actually Joe Burns in a gorilla fit.

Godzilla Volume One Released Summer 6 2006

The actual series follows the actual adventures of a workforce of research research workers aboard the Calico a speed boat that doubles as being a lab in this The late seventies series. When in risk the crew of the ship has the ability to ask for Godzilla using a special interaction device. Along to the ride is another bothersome addition to anime land….Godzuki who is applauded as Godzillas nephew.
Godzilla roar for this toon was provided by Ted Cassidy higher quality as Lurch from the Addams Household TV series of the particular 60s. Ted also do another famous roar for the TV series…. remember The Incredible Hulk series using Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno
Volume 2 and Quantity 3 of this sequence are also available.
The Groovie Goolies Saturday Grieving Collection Released October Per day 2006

The Dance Goolies lived in Horrid Hall and are not meant to be viewed as your typical scary creatures. This group of songs playing joke revealing to monsters were created to make people laugh. This show which was a new spin off of Sabrina This Teenage Witch which was a spin off of The Archie Show 1st came to TV June 12 1970 along with lasted until Sept 4 1971 giving us all 16 fun filled attacks.
Each episode presented at least two tunes one performed because of the Groovie Goolies and the second song by one of the kamaaina bands on the show which had names such as the Mummies and The Puppies The Spirits associated with 76 and The Rolling Gravestones.
The particular show produced a winner record for Father Dewdrop called Chick-a-Boom it gotten to 9 on the Billboard Pop Graph and or chart in 1971. Daddy Dewdrop was actually Richard Mondo who generated a lot of the music with the Groovie Goolies Show.
Coming July 12 2011 is a new DVD release of 5 episodes of the Groovie Goolies. Im not certain as to why there would be a release of just 5 periods considering the entire line has been released onto DVD back in 2007 but perhaps its a good way for folks who havent ever seen the demonstrate to familiarize independently with it to decide as long as they want to spend the money for the complete series
Hong Kong Phooey Released August 15 2006

This line first aired in September 7 The 1974 season and lasted till September 4 1976. Penrod Penry Pooch is a mild mannered police station janitor whos got a secret change ego in Hong Kong Phooey. Even with calling himself this number one super guy in the title song Hong Kong just isnt the greatest of tremendous heroes….well actually he messes up quite often and usually ends up staying saved by their faithful cat companion and friend Location. Scatman Crothers voiced PenryHong Kong and even sings the cartoons theme.
The Hudson Brothers Razzle Dazzle Show Released Next month 2008

When this group of three of brothers got their own variety show on CBS prime time from Come july 1st 31 1974 to help August 28 1974 no one envisioned itd lead to a Saturday morning kids show that called The Hudson Brothers Razzle Charm Show that ran via September 7 The 1974 season to August Thirty 1975.
The guys danced performed and told jokes along with other cast members Ted Zeigler Billy Van Murray Langston The Unfamiliar Comic and Pole Hull with his puppet Emu.
Jabberjaw Released March 11 2011
Jabberjaw this kind of Hanna-Barbera produced cartoon leaped on ABC coming from September 11 1976 for you to September 3 The late seventies with a total associated with 16 episodes. Prompted by the success in the major motion picture Jaws Hanna-Barbera produced this Scooby Doo rip off about a talking 15 base killer white shark whom played drums for your band The Neptunes a group comprised of four teenagers Shelly Biff Pockets and Clamhead. The establishing the undersea entire world obviously and the calendar year is 2076. Jabber and the Neptunes find all kinds of bad guys of their travels in the underwater world.
Jason Of Superstar Command Released May Eight 2007

Jason involving Star Command became a live action indicate from Filmation that started out on September Hunting for 1978 and survived until December One 1979. Jason did wonders within a secret area of the Space Academy. It can be first season has been as a 15 second segment on the Tarzan and also the Super 7 show using 16 segments have a tendency to ended in a clf hanger. It was common enough to begin it really is second season as being a stand alone series that lasted for 10 episodes.
Sid Haig Official Site

Josie and The Pussycats Released Sep 18 2007

Josie Melody and Valerie tend to be Josie and the Pussycats an all gal band managed by simply Alexander Cabot. Each week the girls in conjunction with Alexander his mean lively sister Alexandra and Josies partner Alan who is lusted right after by Alexandra found independently in all kinds of trouble which is a shame trigger all they needed to do was create beautiful music.
The actual show debuted Sept 12 1970 on CBS and lasted for 16 episodes.
In 1972 this show would be retooled and also Josie and the Pussycats in Outside Space was born…. they were lost in space and still making music along with running into bad guys… or aliens or critters or…well you obtain the idea.
Josie and The Pussycats with Outer Space Available October Nineteen 2010

When Alexandra accidentally launches Josie and the Pussycats in outer space they invest each episode touring the galaxy looking to find their way back to help earth. Along the way they will encounter all kinds of criminals like aliens evil dictators as well as pirates. This variety has all Sixteen episodes on a Several disc set.

Lancelot Hyperlink Secret Chimp Released Jun 13 06

Beginning September 12 1970 and long lasting until September A couple ofm 1972 Lancelot Link was the greatest secret agent to ever aluminum foil the plot of evil-doers everywhere. Link and his side kick Mata Hairi use disguises and their wit and cunning to battle the Baron his drive Creto the Duchess Dr. Strangemind Wang Fu as well as Ali Assa Seen. When hes not fighting diabolical criminals Lancelot gets groovy as the leader of the psychedelic pop music group Evolution Revolution which rocks out in these 22 memorable assaults.
Land of The Lost Released March 13 2009

Rick Marshall Will and Carol are a father and his two kids which get sucked to a whirlpool while out rafting. The whirlpool acts as a time period portal and they find themselves in a primitive globe populated by dinosaurs and cavemen and Sleestaks. Each show had the family looking for a way home although trying to keep from staying eaten by dinosaurs or perhaps captured by Sleestaks. This series was a Sid along with Marty Krofft production that happened to run for three seasons beginning in 1974. The third year had the father Dave accidentally sent back household without his kids but not to fear their uncle Connector who had installed a search and recovery operation of his own and ends up in the particular Land of The Lost with them.
Please note there are numerous different DVD emits of this series this kind of listing is for the latest release of Season Just one. There are other releases coming from as far back as 2004.
Lidsville Released Present cards 2005

Lidsville a Sid along with Marty Krofft production aired throughout 1971. While watching Merlo the Magician Charles Nelson Reilly perform magic hints at a local amusement park Mark Butch Patrick was enthralled by what this individual saw that he simply just had to sneak directly into Merlos dressing room following your show to take a new up close and personal look at the magic props used. Buying Merlos magic hat this individual was shocked to uncover that it started to expand in size until it turned out big enough for Mark to crawl upwards onto which he did and promptly finished up falling down into the particular hat…..until this individual reached the terrain of Lidsville.
Lidsville is the land of living hats and its run by a evil magician Horatio M. HooDoo Charles Nelson Reilly who flies all-around in his hatamarand his leading hat that when thrown into the air expands in size till it is big enough to be ridden zapping the nice hat citizens.
Indicate spends most of his her time trying to develop ways to get back home although after 17 attacks the show ended without Mark obtaining his way back home.
Mission Magic
It seems like I actually waited forever for this show to be released on DVD. It was generally one of my favorite Nineteen seventies Saturday morning shows. We loved Ricks music in addition to looked forward to each episode. Its amazing despite all the years which had gone by I could nonetheless recall lyrics to many of the songs Ralph performed on the show.
Should you have never heard of your show and their are generally surprisingly many Rick Springfield was on the scene here in the united states making music as far back as the early 1970s. For a time he was highlighted in teen publications and then he perceived to disappear from the music scene. But ahead of he did he made a cartoon series called Mission- Magic. The powers that be thought that this kind of cartoon would assistance to promote his new music career and teenage idol status. Each week Ralph would sing one particular song that usually experienced something to do with the topic of that weeks show. This is a great way to listen to Rick with his wonderful Australian accent and also some of his earlier tunes. Yes for those who health care but dont know the actual sound track to this show is also positioned on CD.
The Monster Squad Released June 23 09

This live actions show first aired on September 12 1976 and lasted until September 2 1977. Walt Fred Grandy is doing work his way through college as a janitornight watchman in the local wax gallery. He invents a super crime computer and while trying out it one morning he manages to give life the become figures of Dracula Frankenstein along with the Wolfman. Now these awesome monsters are not along the side of evil this time as an alternative they decide to enroll in Walt in his combat crime.
If you are believing that this series has a resemblance to the classic 1960s series Batman in it really is campiness and even shared guests stars like Julie Newmar you are on the right keep track of… it was developed by Stanley Ron Ross who wrote Seventeen episodes of the Batman series.
The New Adventures of Batman Released July 26 2007

The New Adventures of Superman was produced by Filmation throughout 1977. We got to see Superman and Robin Batgirl and perchance one of the most irritating anime characters invented Bat-Mite slightly critter from the sizing called Ergo who simply just happens to be Batmans biggest enthusiast and who establishes that he will help Superman solve crimes whether he wants their help or not. Adam West and Burt Ward provide their voices on the title characters.
Your episodes were after recycled and grouped together with other Filmation shows similar to the BatmanTarzan Adventure Hour 1977-1978 CBS Tarzan and the Super 7 1978-1980 CBS and Batman and the Super 6 1980-1981 NBC.
The Pebbles and Bamm Bamm Show Released March 18 2008

This was a Half hour show that was a spin off from The Flintstones that went from September 12 1971 to September Two 1972 and then the structure was changed to be able to four eight minute segments when it evolved into part of the The Flintstones Comedy Hour beginning on September Hunting for 1972 and working to September One 1973.
The display focused on the teen era years of Pebbles in addition to Bamm Bamm. Sally Struthers better known as Gloria Bunker on All In The Family voiced Pebbles for the initially season and then Micky Stevens had taken over for the minute season. There are a full of 20 symptoms 16 as a standalone series and Four eight minute assaults.
Plastic Man Released October Something like 20 2009

Plastic Gentleman came to Saturday morning Tv set in 1979. It needs to be noted that this Dvd movie release does NOT characteristic the episodes that contain Baby Plas and the Plastic Family so technically Im not sure why this is known as the complete series if this obviously isnt. Youll find 35 episodes which provides the viewer near to 10 hours connected with Plastic Man fun and is a delightful addition to any 1970s DVD fan assortment.
Return To The Planet In the Apes Released October 3 2006

Return To The Planet on the Apes is about 3 jet pilots who get caught in a time vortex and find yourself going to Earth throughout the year 3979 only to discover that apes at the moment are the highest form of intelligence on the planet. 13 attacks were made and ran on NBC via September 6 1974 to September 12 1976
Sabrina The Teenage Witch Released 04 29 2008

Sabrina at first debuted on an occurrence of the Archie Comedy Hour throughout 1969 and was well accepted enough to motivate writers to have the woman visit more often. Afterwards Sabrina would be combined with the Groovie Goolies throughout 1970 and the girl segments were so well received that producers believed she could have her very own stand alone series which often began on October 11 1971 and broken on August Thirty one 1974.
70s Saturday Morning Toons Volumes 1 3

Saturday Morning Cartoons Quantities 1 and 2 tend to be compilation sets that have episodes of classic Nineteen seventies toons many of which havent been released onto Disc on their own. Shows similar to Speed Buggy Goober as well as the Ghost Chasers Wheelie and The Chopper Bunch Valley with the Dinosaurs and highlighted on these two separate pieces.
The Secrets of Isis
She ended up being one of Saturday morning first live action female super personalities. Created by the folks on Filmation Studios as a countertop part to the well-liked Shazam character used by not necessarily owned by Filmation she saved lives and ended crime while wearing high heels and a mini skirt Her identity just isnt known to her friends fellow teacher Dave Mason or students Cindy Lee and Renee Denise. The beautiful Joanna Cameron brought Andrea Jones to life.
The Red Hand Gang Released July 31 2009

This are living action kids display about five interior city kids exactly who solved mysteries. Their own calling card of sorts was the red-colored hand print these people left to show wherever they had been. This kind of show lasted intended for 12 episodes just before being canceled. I have to admit that I dont remember this show by any means. So recently I got a copy of it and also watched it also it was totally new if you ask me. So either being a kid I by no means watched it as well as it was so undesirable that I simple impeded out the memory involving ever having seen that. –
The show starred Matthew Laborteaux seeing that Frankie the gangs lead. JR Miller as Jr . the athletic an associate the gang. Daniel craig III as File who was the minds of the outfit. Jolie Newman because Joanne the tomboy of the class and Johnny Brogna since Lil Bill the little buddy of Frankie. Oh in addition to yeah there was a pet dog named Boomer who would continue later to have a group of his own called Heres Boomer…without I dont recall that relate either.
School House Good ole Released August 27 2008

School House Good ole was a series of small animated songs which were designed for the purpose of eduction via entertainment. They protected topics like scientific research history grammar as well as math. Thirty seven these catchy little music were written amongst 1972 and 1980.
Scooby Most Star Laff A Lympics Released January 19 2010.

This specific series was a combined the Olympics and the old Battle in the Network Stars that had been so popular during the 70s. In this release we have 45 of Hannah Barberas most famous cartoon characters that are divided into three squads and then pitted versus each other in an attempt to acquire gold silver or perhaps bronze medals. This show lasted for one year beginning in 1977.
This quantity contains the first some episodes of the string and does have an additional feature which is a extra episode Smart House from Shaggy Scooby-Doo Obtain a Clue Season One particular.
The episodes provided on this release are usually- The Swiss Alps and also Tokyo Japan space Downhill Ski Tournament Ice Skating Toboggan Race Sumo Wrestling One-Point Tennis and Soccer Batting Contest. Acapulco and England – High cliff Diving Underwater Exchange Speed Boat Race Big Ben Tower system Climb Fox Search and Skateboard Polo. This Sahara Desert and Scotland — Dune Buggy Race Fill the Oasis Race Loch Ness Photograph Ethnic background and Three Legged Kilt Battle. Florida and Tiongkok – Swamp Buggy Race Waterski Contest Auto Observe Race Rickshaw Race Table tennis and Gymnastics.
The Scooby Doo Dynomutt Hour

In this series many of us welcome Scooby and The Company back to solving secrets. It seemed as though they retired or went on vacation if your New Scooby Doo Mysteries ended back in 1969. This is the last time of year we will see Scooby Scrappy Doo free thus enjoy it while you may.
Scooby was paired with Dynomutt every single had their own segment a malfunctioning awkward robotic sidekick for the Blue Falcon a Batman take off in this new string.
Sigmund And The Sea Critters- the First Season Released Sept 13 2005

This particular live action show was created by Sid and Marty Krofft and centered about 2 young boys Scott Stuart and his buddy Johnny discover Sigmund a sea monster who is thrown out of his marine home by the family because he merely refuses to frighten men and women. The boys plan to hide Sigmund in their clubhouse all the while trying to keep your pet from being found by Sigmunds relatives and also the boys friends.
The show started on September Seven 1973 and finished on October 18 1975 with a overall of 29 assaults made.
Heads up Sigmund supporters A brand new release of the initial season of Sigmund and the Sea Monsters is due to hit stores in September 6 The new year. This will be a three disc set with all the periods from Season Just one. Also there will be additional features like commentaries by stars Johnny Whitaker and also Scott Kolden.
Space Academy Released January 07 2007

This live action made up of twelve to fifteen 30 minute episodes was a Filmation creation. It was found on CBS betwee 1977-79. Jonathan Harris Dr .. Smith from Shed in Space enjoyed Commander Isaac Gampu who going the academy. Gampu was a space explorer as their travels exposed him to all kinds of conditions and ended up slowing down his aging process. It is hinted that he has been well over 300 years old and his life experiences skilled him to head the academy.
The students for the Space Academy were the best young minds Earth had to offer and each had exclusive skills useful in this exploration of space.
Speed Pushchair Released March 2 2012
Speed Buggy became a Hanna-Barbera Productions and shown on CBS by September 8 1963 to August Thirty 1975. Another Scooby Doo scam this time with young people Tinker Mark and also Debbie and their conversing car Speed Cart they traveled across the nation from race in order to race. Along the way they found themselves in a variety of kinds of mysteries that they had to solve.
Star Trek The actual Animated Series Released December 21 2006

Filmation produced this animated collection for NBC and it went for two seasons having a total of 22 episodes filmed. Almost all cast members along with exception of Walter Koenig Chekov were on board loaning their voices for their animated counter parts. Walter was left away because of budget considerations Filmation could no afford to pay for all throw members to be contained in the series. However Wally was not forgotten this individual was allowed to compose the episode The Boundless Vulcan.
Super Friends Season A single Released January 5 2010

The Super Good friends made its introduction on ABC June 8 1973. There were 16 one hour attacks that had Batman as well as Robin Wonder Lady Aquaman Superman and two youngsters Wendy and Marvin and their dog named Wonderdog. The kids experienced no super powers and seems that their particular inclusion was motivated by the popularity of the children from Scooby Doo a demonstrate that inspired several rip off line. The Super Pals show was terminated in 1974 but starting again inside 1976 the show were being brought back to the Xyz lineup edited into 30 minute episodes. Work was being done on a new Super Close friends show which would next debut with a new identify and super hero lineup. The new show The All-New Ultra Friends Hour but thats yet another show entirely –
Valley with the Dinosaurs Released May 6 This year
This Hanna-Barbera cartoon aired on CBS start September 7 The 1974 season. Science teacher Steve Butler and his girlfriend Kim daughter Anne and son Greg end up lost in the Valley of the Dinosaurs when their particular raft is was terrible down into a whirlpool which in turn on the Amazon Pond. They are befriended by a prehistoric Gorak and his wife Gara in addition to their two children Tana and Lok. The two families interact to survive and to search for a way for the Butlers to acquire back home.
Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch Released January Twenty-five 2011
This 30 minute Hanna-Barbera produced cartoon ran from September Several 1974 to May 30 1975 which has a total of 13 episodes created. Wheelie was obviously a red Volkswagen Beetle which made his existing as a stunt car or truck. His nemesis in this particular show was a a number of member motorcycle team called the Chopper Group made up of leader Helicopter and Revs Hi-riser and Scrambles. Additional characters were Leader Tough a law enforcement car Fishtail the bike cop and Wheelies sweetheart Rota Ree.
In each 30 minute episode there were 3 6 minute pieces and great style actor Frank Welker furnished the voice for Wheelie and Chopper along with Don Messick as Scrambles and also FishtailLennie Weinrib as Hi-Riser Paul Winchell seeing that Revs and Captain Difficult and Judy Strangis as Rota Ree. You might remember Judy as Dynagirl in Sid and Marty Kroffts Electrawoman and Dynagirl present.

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