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How Unique Was Cy Young

Cy Young cardWhen have you seen a pitcher start both games of a double header? Well Cy Young did on many occasions. There’s a good reason why any Cy Young memorabilia can get top dollar at a pawn shop:

  • He pitched the first perfect game back in 1904
  • played professionally for 21 years
  • had 511 wins – over 100 more than anyone else!

Baseball cards have been around since the 1880’s although they didn’t come with gum back then. Cy Young started pitching for the Cleveland Spiders in 1890 and was ultimately inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1937 even with more losses on his record than any other pitcher!

Collecting baseball cards is a big thing to many and a CY Young card would certainly have lots of interest.  Rick knows this and comments that a card in perfect shape may be worth  $10,000 as collectors would go nuts from a Cy Young card. The card presented today isn’t quite in perfect shape; in fact it’s even missing a corner. The owner kept it in a plastic case but it looks pretty ragged all around. The guy asks Rick for a grand and Rick points out the condition while offering 200 bucks. Rick, not sure what it’s worth ends up paying $300 and hopes for the best because the expert that he would have called isn’t available. He’s happy that the old man isn’t around to criticize him.

Was it worth it? Well PS: Jeremy his expert, checks it out later and values it at 250 tops because of its condition.  Well they’ve said that the key to a successful pawn shop is to buy right and I guess that Rick blew it this time!



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