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Is Chumlee A Lazy Vampire?

Vintage Transfusion MachineThe first human transfusion was done in 1667…not counting vampires. The very first machines to do this leave a lot to be desired especially compared to today’s technology. Over the years though, some of these older machines in the hands of non-medical professionals, may have been used for rituals and other questionable activities. At least this is the take one would get by viewing this pawn star segment.

A woman named Artie walks into the pawn store with this very archaic looking mess of jars and tubes. The fact that this transfusion machine (if you can call it a machine), uses a foot pump may lend some credence to Artie’s claim that it dates back to the 1800’s. Chumlee questions the age as he apparently possesses a keen knowledge of metal fabrication history and guesses this is really from the 50’s or 60’s. It’s manufactured by CM Sorenson of New York City but nothing to prove it’s age is offered by Artie. She by the way, plans on asking for $211 – easy even amount right? She’s apparently leaving herself some bargaining room and probably wants 2 bills.

Now Chumlee says that it looks creepy yet he’s intrigued. He offers $100 but Artie counters with 125 and a laughable moment of haggling begins. Artie sticks to her guns at 125 and Chumlee ultimately gives in and pays the lady. He thinks that “the guys may be proud of him.” I’d love to see and hear what the old man has to say when he see’s this!


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