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Is Corey Nuclear Ready?

When a woman walks into the pawn store with a strange looking old gadget, she thinks she’ll stump Corey when she tells him it’s a scintillator. But hold-on….Corey’s on his game as he knew that it was an old fashioned geiger counter.

  • British chemist Sir William Crookes built the first scintillator in 1903
  • The first mine-able quantities of Uranium found in the US was in Wyoming in 1949

Well she’s got this thing sitting in her garage for years and now wants to turn it into a few bucks; about 150 but would settle for 100. The old man steps in showing off his knowledge of the nuclear world stating that no permit was needed to mine Uranium back then. He was probably reminiscing. Corey also had some nuclear knowledge to add to the conversation. This woman sure surprised me as she knew that the original retail on this thing was $495 (about 5 grand in today’s dollars) although all agreed it’s of limited value today. They all got warm fuzzies at the $135 mark and they made the transaction.

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