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Ivory Tusk

ivory tusk

Season 2 Episode 3

  • Found on elephants, hippos, and walruses
  • Traditionally used for chess pieces, bagpipes, and peg legs.

Hmm I am wondering if these are illegal?

Jenny thinks she can get about $1000-$1500

She bought it in Taipa. Doh is not ivory!! Oh man she is devasated lol.

Ripped off!! Sux! It’s pieced bone. You can see the panels that come together. Ha you can even see the wood behind the bone.

Rick really doesn’t like the idea of ivory.

Ha she is really disappointed. lol

One Response to Ivory Tusk

  1. Kumar says:

    actually there is a market for this in places like indonesia..when i saw this episode i remember looking at ivory trade in asia and reading up and i found that there is a market for this even though its fake…its the art on it that pays good money..hit me back on my email…i could source out a buyer?now the problem is whether or not jenny is reading this?or rick harrison is a wise man to take down contact call them back to get it sold…yo this old lady out…

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