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Jimmy Hoffa Photo Album

  • President of the Teamsters from 1957 to 1971
  • Disappeared July 30, 1975

These photos were taken in 1963 that his wifes grandfather had made.  Hoffa was declared legally dead in 1982.

This guy wants to sell, but since its an heirloom he needs to get $$$

Doh! Rick offers a big whopping nothing!!

NO DEAL! Sorry man!

3 Responses to Jimmy Hoffa Photo Album

  1. Mr. Peick says:

    If anyone knows how to get ahold of Jeff, the owner of this
    Hoffa photo album, I am interested in buying it.
    Please have them contact me. I am related to family in the photos
    seen in the album. Thank you.

    Contact Mr. Peick or Mr. Piar

  2. K.T. says:

    he is my brother, i will let him know you are interested.

  3. tim says:

    i have some early photos i was told was hoffa tring to find someone who can let me know if it is a early collection of photos of him.

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