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Joker Poker Stained Glass Window

 How much is stained glass worth?Dog Poker

Craig brings this stained glass of dogs playing poker; with a joker added in. He owned a cigar shop and has had this for years in his store.

  • Originally painted by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge (who?) – apparently a jack of all trades who owned a bank, wrote an opera and worked as a school superintendent
  • Commissioned by an advertising company to sell cigars
  • Stained glass has been around a couple of thousand years but clear glass wasn’t invented until the 1400’s.

Craig wants $5000 and Corey offeres $1500. The old man stops him from going higher than $1700 as he reminds Corey how breakable glass is and this can lead to a total loss.

They have a deal at $1700 and everyone is happy – except maybe the old man who thinks about the idiots that work there breaking it!

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