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Kam Act MK 2 Bow

kam act mk2 bow

Season 2 Episode 7

  • Manufactured by Martin Archery in 1974
  • Original Price $225

Wow this thing is pretty neat looking. I have never seen one like this. Looks like a recurve and a compound bow all in one. Some sort of hybrid.

Fewer then 1,000 of the Kam Acts were made.

This guy is thinking its worth between $400 – $500

Dang Rick throws out $50 to him lol. He counters back with $300… down to $200 and Rick counters with $100

DEAL $100 cash money.

I would have kept it. 😉

The guys bring the bow to Pacific Archery to check out the bow. The guy thinks its worth about $300 in its condition.

Competition time. Who has the best shot? Rick, Chum, or Corey. Chum always seems to do good so.. m y moneys on Chum.

Chum – Oh man i lose. Misses the target lol.

Corey – Misses even more!!!

Rick – hahah even more!!

Looks like Chum is the winner and so am I!! They all suck and bow shooting.

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  1. Talon Gunter says:

    What this is Martin Kam Act MK 2 prototype
    It was the first one made between 1973 – 74 and there was only 1081 ever made
    there was 2 models made Target & hunting bow was black with little bumps with green highlights
    I have one of the Camo hunters I bought from my bow instructor in high school ( John Mertz )
    He was one of the best long bow shooters I have seen He lost half of his right arm below the elbow
    but that did not stop him from becoming one of the archers

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