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The phrase gymnastics comes from the Greek phrase that means to training naked. In Historic Greece adult men stripped down to do tumbling workouts vaulting as well as other activities during the gymnasium.
In present day gymnastics athletes carry out exercises demanding strength agility and coordination – all when fully clothed. Women and men compete in floor routines vault the person all-around competition and also the crew function.
Males also compete while in the horizontal bar often known as the significant bar parallel bars pommel horse and rings. Girls strut their stuff over the balance beam and uneven bars
FIG – Fdration Internationale de Gymnastique NBC Olympics – Gymnastics Global Gymnast On the net Group USA Official Olympics Site Gymnastics Australia USA Gymnastics Inside Gymnastics Magazine Gymnastics Internet
The Flooring Exhibit Just about every routine need to include two acrobatic collection

The flooring physical exercise is definitely the most basic gymnastics event given that it emphasizes acrobatics strength and grace. Kristen off of pawnstars naked In mens and womens competitions gymnasts use as a great deal with the allotted flooring space as possible dazzling spectators with high-speed tumbling runs handsprings flips as well as other manoeuvres. From the mens occasion every competitors schedule lasts a optimum of 70 seconds and ordinarily elements 3 to 5 tumbling passes. The program contains a power or static equilibrium component. Competition can use moves adopted from the pommel horse along with other equipment. With the womens occasion the emphasis is more on artistry than strength. Routines which previous between 70 and ninety seconds mix tumbling and acrobatic components with dance moves. Just about every program should involve two acrobatic collection a single of which incorporates no less than two saltos one acrobatics sequence featuring at the least 3 aspects including a gymnastic collection with at the very least a few elements. Unlike the mens celebration the womens occasion features musical accompaniment. Opponents are predicted to introduce themes. For that reason most feminine gymnasts consider dance lessons.

Personal all-around is gymnastics foremost event
The all-around competitiveness will be the largest event in gymnastics with athletes competing on each and every apparatus. There is a mens including a womens all-around event.
Every single occasion involves the best 24 athletes from the qualification round that has a greatest of two athletes per nation.
Every single competitor performs a single schedule on every apparatus and scores from all 6 events are extra to determine the winners.

Swingers and Bars
Within this function the gymnast performs a regime on two versatile parallel bars balancing swinging and flying by way of the air.
The gymnast is not predicted to journey along the bars but is predicted to do the job previously mentioned and under them.
He is necessary to execute aspects though supporting his system with each arms as well as while in an extended hanging position.
Pommel horse – Gymnast employs only his fingers for assistance

The pommel horse does not element remarkable dismounts or double saltos and it is the minimum acrobatic for the mens events. A program on this apparatus is not glamorous but it is gruelling. In a pommel horse regimen the gymnast moves forwards and backwards across the horse – a padded wood-and- metal apparatus by using a pair of handles or pommels attached – implementing continuous swinging and circular motions along with his torso and legs making use of only his palms for support.
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London 2012 Olympics- Gymnastics schedule – Telegraph by means of kwout

Olympic sports activities London 2012
Louis Olympic gymnast London 2012
London Prepares sequence – Gymnastics test celebration London 2012
London 2012 Olympic Gymnastics Hospitality Prestige Ticketing
North Greenwich Arena Venues London 2012
Gymnastics – Trampoline Olympic sports London 2012
Gymnastics – Rhythmic Olympic sports London 2012
Gymnastics – Creative Olympic sports London 2012

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