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L-39 Albatros Soviet jet Fighter


How do you acquire one of these awesome!!

  • Designed by Aero Vodochody in 1966
  • Most popular war jet in the world

Tex is the own and spent 12 years in the airforce.

It was built in 1983 and is a trainer jet. Gotta love Soviet Union surplus! 😉

This guy thinks it is worth $200,000, but I have a feeling Rick needs more info. Rick is gonna call in his Blue Angel buddy pilot.

Matt comes down to take a look! Welcome to the danger zone lol

Matt is from TOPGUN! SWEET. Several 3rd world countries still use this. Matt wants to know Ricks concerns and just wants to make sure its complete and will it run.  Any leaks, signs up leaks, is the frame solid etc… It has been converted to English. Pretty awesome Chaff switch. There is really only one thing to do which is fly it! NICE!

He asks Rick to fly it, but he is scared. Cmon man get in there!!Man this thing looks awesome and all seems to be well with the  jet.

Now to figure out a number 😉 Matt has seen they go for 100k  to 1 million and says its prob worth about 175k

Rick is curious about maintenance fees. Needs to be stored and flown. About 5k a month to store it and fly it! yikes!

The guy wants 200k, but Rick is worried about the maintenance. The guy offers to store it in his hangar.

Guy says give me 150k and rick says 80K.


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