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Let’s Electrify Chumlee

Hand crank generator

Thomas Edison he is not! But Chumlee brings his brand of amusement to the pawn stars when Rick takes advantage of his naivety and trust.

Brian, the owner of an antique hand crank generator is hoping to make a quick grand when he presents it to Rick. Ricks comments how the generator is still one of the greatest inventions of all time. As Brian has no idea how it works, Rick explains it in terms that he can understand and then proceeds to test it.

  • The first generator was invented in 1831
  • However, ancient Greeks first discovered electrical attraction
  • Contrary to popular belief, Ben Franklin never flew a kite in a storm!

Rick guesses that this generator dates to the early 1900’s and was used for educational purposes so he decides to continue the tradition. As he cranks the generator up, he tells Chumlee to touch a socket that was getting the juice. The generator works as Chumlee complains that it hurt although I’m sure that it wasn’t life threatening! I wish the porn stars game had one of these.

Rick asks Brian if he’s been shocking himself after hearing what he wanted. Rick then makes a firm offer of $75 as he states it’s limited value. Brian decides to take the 75 and they have a deal! The pawn stars now have a back-up generator in case of a power failure.

3 Responses to Let’s Electrify Chumlee

  1. says:

    Is this item for sale?

  2. larry says:

    As the pawn store paid 75 bucks for it, they would want at least $150. I can almost guarantee that you can find it on eBay for half of that if not cheaper!

  3. Oldschool says:

    What do they mean Benjamin Franklin never actually did the kite experiment??

    Funny… says he did right here –

    There are also numerous sources documenting how the experiment was performed, and how Benjamin Franklin avoided being electrocuted during it.

    They need to get their facts straight.

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