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TWINB C4GT1 Compatible with All Computers
Reviews Howto FAQ Technical specs of TWINB C4GT1 Compatible with Just about all Computers
As each of our latest and next trendiest product TWINB has most functions of Benz C4 and BMW GT1. It includes many MB Star C4 and also TWINB GT1 Pro which is tiny but sharing many functions of GT1. The only person hard disk contains several kinds of software DAS DIS along with SSS.
DIS version- V55
SSS type- V32
TWINB Star C4-
1. TWINB Legend C4 can be available for any type of computer.
2. TWINB Superstar C4 has rs232485 interface which can connect with both touchscreen and common screen.
3. TWINB Star C4 can work in the voltage regarding 12V24V.
4. TWINB Star C4 may supply power to the pc by Power Cable connection.
1. Self-protection- GT1 Expert Multiplexer will be turned off independently if the voltage surpasses 15. 8V during your screening and it will restart quickly if the voltage below 15. 8V.
2. TWINB GT1 Pro uses the newest software program DK219. Mini coke cooler pawn star
3. TWINB GT1 Pro may supply power to the computer by the interface on the LAN cable.
TWINB is very smaller than average and convenient to carry. It is very great for site operation.
1. MB Superstar C4 Multiplexer
2. GT1-SCAN Pro mainbody
A few.1pc x 14 green Connector
4.1pc times 16 Pin Connection
5.1pc x Something like 20 Pin Connector
6.1pc x OBD2 Cable
8.1pc x 4 pin Cable
8.1pc by 14 pin Cable
9.1pc x Communication Cable
10.1pc times Benz 38 Pin Wire
11.1pc x 120G Hard disk drive
12.1pc x Multilevel Cable
13.1pc times Power Cable

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Reviews Howto FAQ Per Specifications of INPA D-CAN GT1
D-CAN screen is used to work with application for GT1 and INPA. It offers the full functions as GT1 and INPA and the software is included too. Additionally TIS and codingprogram functions are all activated at this point
Current variation- dis52 basedis55tis2007.12dis44 coding program.
Also including INPA 5.02 with EDIABAS Six.47
Supported Protocols
1. High-speed D-CAN and PT-CAN 600 Kbits
2. Low-speed K-CAN 100 Kbits
3. Standard BMW slots BMW-OBD-interface
1. Studying and erasing requirements.
2. Live data
Three or more. Component testing
Several. Computer programming
5. Version and diagnosing
Half-dozen. Maintenance procedure describing
7. Integration involving maintenance information
8-10. Auto-coding and programming of engine gearbox airbag light command computer engine anti-theft personal computer etc.
9. Assessment some data i.electronic. pressure resistance as well as current through the reference to cars. Optional equipment is needed
Applicable models-
. E60 E61 since 032007
. E83 since 092006
. E81 E87 since 032007
. E90 E91 E92 E93 since 032007
. E70 new X5
. R56 completely new MINI
Supported Systems-
It supports many systems of 320i repair series and OBD2 diagnostic system including-
. Serp system
. Auto Transmission
. Cruise program
. Air-condition system
. BUS for example.
1. D-CAN interface box
2. 325i repair OBD16 cable
3. Mercedes 20PIN to OBD16PIN adapter cable
Some. Net cable scalp
5. USB cable
6. Software DVD for INPA and GT1
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KCAN commander 2.0 for TOYOTA
Critiques Howto FAQ Specifications regarding KCAN commander 2.3 for TOYOTA
This item can connect with all electronic control segments in the vehicle. Doing work by K and will bus diagnostic interconnection. For all electronic handle units read and also clear error DTCs remembrances – standard background memory.
Actuator examination
Current data
Key coding – normal as well as smart key pertaining to vehicles-
Toyota Rav4
Toyota Yaris smart important
Toyota Auris smart key
Toyota Property Cruiser 100
Toyota Land Cruiser 120
Toyota Prado
Toyota Four Runner
Toyota Camry 2004
Toyota Corolla 2007
Toyota Prado
Toyota Hilux
Toyota Prius
Toyota Avalon
Lexus LX470
Mercedes LX570
Lexus RX300
Lexus RX330
Mercedes RX350
Lexus RX400
Lexus RX400h
Rolls royce SC430
Lexus GS300
Lexus GS430
Lexus GS450
Lexus ES350
Lexus IS220
Mercedes IS250
Lexus IS350
Lexus LS430
Rolls royce LS460
From Main Screen you can choose-
Talk with some control module.
Select vehicle model along with scan modules.
Opt for some special function IMMO reset and crucial programming.
Just one k can main system
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