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Misprinted Eisenhower 8 cent Stamps

Eisenhower StampsMisprinted Eisenhower 8 cent Stamps

  • In 1847 prepaid stamps were first introduced because paying the postman upon delivery got too time consuming.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower 34th U.S. President, lived 1890 – 1969

Fred the owner said that his dad was a postal worker way back when postage was 8 cents and has had these in the family ever since. He’s hoping to get $800 – $1000 per stamp and he’s got an entire book (2$ face value) of these misprinted and miscut stamps!

The worlds most expensive stamp is an 1855 Swedish stamp printed on the wrong color paper. It sold for $2.3 million in 1996! But what are these worth?

Rick is clueless what they may be worth so he calls in Jay an expert who finds a total of 5 unique errors. Jay claims that these are pretty rare and would have a value of about 500 to 700 bucks. But that’s retail and would leave no room for the pawn stars to profit. Rick and Fred ultimately agree on $425 and the sale takes place.

2 Responses to Misprinted Eisenhower 8 cent Stamps

  1. juan garcia says:

    Hi guys I have a 1926 barber chair in great conditionbnever been restored and I was wondering if ur interested in taking a look at it so maybe u guys might want to buy it

  2. larry says:

    Don’t you use it anymore? Seriously, if you’re coming to Vegas and you want to sell it, contact the production company at: If you’re not coming out this way, I can only suggest Ebay, CraigsList or some local entity.

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