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As a book publicist I have a strong opinion about book tours. Authors tend to think they are a great idea because they see Bill and Hillary Clinton Rachael Ray Howard Stern and other big names out on the circuit and believe that is the technique to promote a book.
Frankly it is just 1 technique to promote a book and is an element within the overall promoting of a e-book. The reality is that unless that you are well-known itll be you the flower vase along with your book in the small table awaiting people to method you. Now do not get me incorrect e-book signings could be pretty beneficial and even when you dont advertise textbooks it provides the media a reason to write about your ebook ideal now as a way to promote the event. Without that purpose to do the tale ideal now they have lots of other textbooks to write about because most reviewers are deluged with dozens to a huge selection of guides every week. And thats exactly where I think guide signings and e-book excursions are most useful. In truth e-book shops which have turned down a shopper will happily book them understanding a point out of their retailer might be in an forthcoming post. Westwind Communications has acquired media protection after which pitched a e-book store having a guaranteed mention whenever they ebook the author. Monkey with cymbals This technique usually operates. How can they refuse The PR for your guide signing which may be hard and time consuming for them is already done. Book shops want sufficient lead time to put an announcement within their newsletter get a press release out to their contacts make flyers and in-store marketing. They loathe last minute programs and who can blame them So it is crucial to work a few months beforehand if possible. But must you receive a media interview and you realize its gonna hit on a particular date then it tends to make sensation to pitch a ebook signing towards the area guide stores and then get back again to the media outlet to include that appearance in in the finish on the story.

Book shops also prefer to have the ebook available in -their system- prior to reserving an writer signing. This indicates which the book must be accessible on their laptop once they look it up so it might be ordered through normal channels IE their own program Baker and Taylor and so on. You will discover exceptions to every little thing and occasionally an author can deliver guides into the shop and provide them supplying the retailer the profit from each and every book because it would anticipate. But that tends to throw a monkey wrench in to the mix and also the large nationwide chains have a tendency to shy away from this for one cause or a different. At times I think it is the added paperwork it generates. Within the situation of the brief discover reserving you could have far better luck planning to scaled-down independent ebook shops where the proprietor is on web site. Its there where they may well seize the chance. They often be much more open up at a chance to ebook an author for an in-store look.
The bottom line- There is no method to understand how youll be obtained in a book shop whether you will market a lot of publications or even 1 guide. But unless of course you try it you will be wondering. So my advice would be to attempt it. See what occurs. Frankly generally what happens is something superior that goes way beyond just selling a ebook. You may meet a local librarian wholl invite you to speak to some library group or perhaps a member of a guide club wholl do the exact same. You could obtain a member of your media whos looking for a brand new angle on the story or just attempting to get some feature tale tips. Following youve completed several guide signings you are able to see if it is worth your time and work. You might just be surprised.
About Scott Lorenz Scott Lorenz is President of Westwind Communications a public relations and advertising and marketing agency that includes a special knack for working with individuals and business owners to assist them get all of the publicity they are worthy of and far more. Lorenz has handled public relations and marketing for quite a few authors doctors lawyers authors inventors and business owners because 1980 and is an integral part from the technique for a lot of authors in their own book promoting. Find out much more about Westwind Communications e-book marketing and advertising approach at www.westwindcos.combook or contact Lorenz at or by phone at 734-667-2090.
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