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Most Purchases Quiz

Who makes the most purchases at the shop?

A.  Old Man

B.  Rick

C. Corey

Answer – Corey

3 Responses to Most Purchases Quiz

  1. christy jacobson says:

    i have in my possesion some old confederate bonds from 1862 and i was wondering if u knew of someone that could help me in finding out what they may be worth. i have $1.00 ones a $100. and also a $1000. dollar bills. i do not know where to look and would appreciate your help if u can. i watch your show and enjoy it. have learned alot. i also have a oil lamp that was my great grandmothers that has queen ann stamped in the metal piece, that i would also like to have appraised. if u would like i can send pictures of these items to u.

    thanks so much
    one of your fans

  2. Pawn Star says:

    Wow sounds like you have a nice collection! Check out for some more info.

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