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New England Patriots 2004 Super Bowl Ring

  • patriots-super-bowlring30 Second super bowl ad in 2004 cost over 2 million dollars
  • More people watched that year’s super bowl then the Presidential election

This thing is sweet and the guy is looking for about 20k for the ring. The big question is where did he get it. He is a broker and some guy pawned it and never came back! How do you lose your ring! DOH!!

Rick takes a closer look and he doesnt like the marks inside.  Rick is a bit crazy about Championship rings. He buys but never sells lol.  All his other rings are stamped and this one looks sloppy on the inside. Rick needs it authenticated.

Jeremy is brought in to figure this out! Ricky Bryant was on the practice squad but they still get rings.  Everything looks legit but the engraving. haha he said it was so big it would not fit inside the engraver and is totally LEGIT!! NICE

Jeremy says they go for 30-35k

They guy wants 22k, but Rick offers 18k. he counters with 21k….. Rick says 20k CASH!!


Lets see if Rick actually sells it or keeps for himself! haha

Great show guys!

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