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Nintendo Games From The Past

Nintendo Watch Game  If you were around when the first hand held video games came out, these are probably no strangers to you. Maybe you’ve got some of these buried in the attic or basement yourself! They came out around 1981 and made Nintendo enough money to finance the development of all the cool games that followed.

However, this gal was seriously expecting to get $500 for them. She had 5 altogether and one of them was Mickeymouse and she had the original box and instructions for another. Rick told her that there really aren’t any collectors for these and they would be a hard sell. Chumlee couldn’t put them down though so there’s probably some playtime in his future. Rick probably went higher than he wanted to because he saw how much fun Chumlee was having.

After going at it for a bit they settle on $250 and everyone seemed pleased.

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