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Ottoman Empire Pistol and Dagger

ottoman pistol
  • Ottoman Empire lasted from 1299 to 1922
  • Centered in Constantinople, it controlled parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa

Rick is hitting on her lol 😉

This lady was working in Turkey as a musician and was her husbands. She is thinking 1700’s.

Rick says the dagger looks legit but the flint lock seems decorative, but he needs an expert to check it out.

Sean is brought in and confirms that the ramrod is decoration, but it is functional. The dagger was high quality back in the day and the blade has seem some use. Someone fought with this. This makes Rick really happy that it was used in battle. If the Dagger was in better condition it could prob bring in $1200-2000, but in that condition prob around $600

The flintlock is really common, but since it is in great condition it would sell at retail for $375 – $575

She has to think about this. She thought they were more valuable. She better sell, she might not have much time left lol 😉


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