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Over and Under Flintstock Pistol

Flintstock PistolOver and Under Flintstock Pistol

This is a 4 barrel shotgun in miniture no less!

  • One of the original multi-shot guns.
  • Was very high tech for it’s time
  • The Flintstock pistol was invented in 1610’s
  • Often made with multiple barrels due to long reload time

Deann, the owner thinks it’s neat because of the engraving but admits that she has no idea what it’s value is. Rick gives instruction on using it as he points out everything broken on the gun. He is still interested because it’s so unusual but needs to check on repair costs as well as what it may be worth when fixed.

Jemison, an antique arms expert puts the value at 700 to a grand and adds that it wouldn’t be worth fixing. A Flintstock pistol in great condition may be worth only a few grand. A new one probably cost a few pounds of silver way back when in England.

Rick offers 5 bills but the seller balks; she did state that it was in the family for multiple generations. After Corey reminds Rick that they end up selling all old guns and they have none at the moment, it results in a deal at $600.




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