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Pac Man Arcade Game

  • Best selling coin operated game in history
  • Design inspired by a pizza missing one slice

This would make a great coffee table. Chum wants this thing bad! Its pretty beat up but has some potential.

A perfect score in Pac-Man is 3,333,360 and has only been reached a handful of times!

This guy is looking to get $200.  Corey doesn’t really want to buy it.

Ok the guys are going to pick up the restored Pac Man machine.

This puppy looks brand new! Needed to replace the graphics and the board had to be converted back to an original pac man. Restoration was $350 and they should bank between $1000-1200 for it.

Sweet!! Chum gonna put a whooping on Big Hoss! hahaahah

Corey offers $100, but the guy can’t do it. Chum wants it, so Corey goes $150

Counter with $175

DEAL $175

Lets see what the restore is gonna cost. hehe


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