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Genuine Klingon Sword

Klingon SwordHeads up Star Trek fans! Corey

Original Star Trek came out in the 1960’s and ran for just 3 seasons according to Corey. That surprised me as I watched it as a kid and thought it ran much longer.

Tim wants $300 for what Corey considers scrap steel. However, Chumlee adds that “it would be pretty good to carry it around all-day as no one would mess with him.”

Corey offers $100 and they settle on 110.

Pawn Star Caught in a Lie!

This was entertaining but not profitable!

Just some more reality that shows one of the ways that the pawn stars lose money in the pawn shop.

Rick finally has a buyer for a vase that he bought a year ago but finds it broken. This thing was like 200 years old! After nobody in the shop admits to breaking it, Rick is determined to get to the bottom of it. The vase was in a carton in the back room being prepared to ship out. and now it’s a carton of broken glass.

Rick and Travis watch a security video which you can see below

Chumlee is swinging around the Klingon sword that they just bought. Oops, he hits the box with the vaze as if he’s playing baseball. He’s caught red handed and the show ends with him still denying it!!!

Afew days later while on the Tonight Show, Chumlee sticks with denial!

Pawn Star Quiz About Ulysses S Grant

Ulysses S GrantWhat crime was Ulysses S Grant arrested for while serving as President?

A.    embezzling

B.     speeding

C.    assault


Answer: B – Ulysses S Grant had his horse and buggy impounded for speeding and he had to walk home; to the White House!

Pawn Stars Want To Know – Who’s Buried In Grant’s Tomb

Ulysses Grant souvenirThe old saying of  “who’s buried in Grants tomb – nobody”, actually has some history behind it as Rick displayed his knowledge of the Civil War era. When Ulysses S Grant died, it took another 12 years to complete his tomb and that’s where the saying came from. Today’s historical tidbits get aired by the pawn stars due to Ken looking to sell his souvenir from the funeral of Ulysses S Grant.

  • Hiram Ulysses S Grant was our 18th President and lived from 1822 – 1885
  • He led the Union army during the Civil War
  • Ulysses S Grant admitted that the “S” in his name didn’t stand for anything but it sounded distinguished
  • He was so popular that the line of mourners at his funeral was 7 miles long and even included Confederates

Ken wants 1000 bucks for this funeral souvenir but Rick won’t go higher than $125 as there are probably lot’s of these around and a limited market. Ken passes on the offer and would rather just keep it if he can’t get a decent amount for it. I guess that after this long in the business, the pawn stars have a good handle on this type of stuff without even needing an expert.


Double Barrel Shotgun Fun

Double Barrel Shotgun   Double barrel shotguns have been around for a while and were used for protection on the stagecoaches of yesteryear. As the pawn stars all seem to be intrigued by weapons, this antique double barrel shotgun got their interest quickly.

Rick actually recognizes the potential seller here as the pawn stars bought a bowling ball cannon from him in the past. Rick noted that they still haven’t sold it. haha But this double barrel shotgun has history connected to it as it was used by Wells Fargo in their early days. The owner hopes to see $15K because of this as it does date back to the 1800’s.

Wells Fargo was formed to do express deliveries by 2 guys who left American Express in order to compete with them. Big Hoss provides a little history lesson here which includes:

  • Wells Fargo Co. was established in New York City in 1852
  • They began cross-country stagecoach deliveries in 1866
  • The term “riding shotgun” came from the fact that a shotgun carrying person was always on board for protection
  • In the 1860’s alone, Wells Fargo had 313 stagecoach robbery’s
  • The fastest and yet safest driver named Charlie, surprisingly turned out to be a woman

Now our seller also has a book that he says ID’s the shotgun as being used by Wells Fargo on stagecoaches. Rick is quick to point out that since it’s a long-barrel, it probably wasn’t as the stagecoach drivers used a short-barrel shotgun in order to maintain their ability to quickly turn the direction of the weapon. He adds that 99% of these supposed heirloom shotguns are fakes. As Rick examines the shotgun, he finds some corrosion and asks if this is even worthy of firing. The owner meanwhile has never fired it so this needs to be tested.

Off to a remote desert shooting range they go to test fire this shotgun and Big Hoss and Chumlee accompany Rick and the seller. Well the shotgun works without any problems and after hearing what the seller wants, Rick makes an offer of $2500. He eventually gets up to 3 thousand but the seller won’t part with it for that amount so there is no deal. Rick probably couldn’t help thinking about the bowling ball cannon.

The pawn stars got a field trip out of this though and Chumlee wanted to take advantage of being out at a shooting range. He wanted to shoot clay pigeons but neglected to realize that they hadn’t brought any guns with them. Oh well, maybe next time!



Clark Gable Signs a Short Snorter

short snorter billWhen I was a kid, I was told that it was illegal to deface money by writing on it. Well during WWII it was patriotic and good luck when done by servicemen before going into battle. This was a custom as everyone on a mission would sign the bills and they would carry the bills with them.

But Big Hoss asks what a short snorter is as Amy explains that she’s got one to sell to the pawn stars. A shorter was a nickname for a shot of liquor and I can only guess that drinking accompanied the signing of these bills. What makes this one so special was that it was signed by Clark Gable! It turns out that Amy’s uncle flew with Clark Gable in WWII and it’s been in her family ever since.

Clark Gable

  • William Clark Gable stared in 81 films during his lifetime of 1901 – 1960
  • Clark Gable actually called President FDR and asked to enlist at the age of 40 after losing his wife and mother in a plane cash
  • Clark Gable flew on bombing missions over Nazi Germany and earned a Flying Cross Medal

Rick thinks that Hitler had a reward posted for the capture of Clark Gable and he recognized that this dollar bill had value. The thing is, is Clark Gable’s signature real and what would it be worth?

Later, as Drew the handwriting expert noted that all of the 4 peculiarities of Clark Gable’s  signature were there; he proclaimed the signature on this short snorter to be authentic.  However, Amy was hoping to see $5000 for this and Drew places the value at about $500. Rick’s $100 offer isn’t accepted as Amy thinks that she can do better.

Let’s Electrify Chumlee

Hand crank generator

Thomas Edison he is not! But Chumlee brings his brand of amusement to the pawn stars when Rick takes advantage of his naivety and trust.

Brian, the owner of an antique hand crank generator is hoping to make a quick grand when he presents it to Rick. Ricks comments how the generator is still one of the greatest inventions of all time. As Brian has no idea how it works, Rick explains it in terms that he can understand and then proceeds to test it.

  • The first generator was invented in 1831
  • However, ancient Greeks first discovered electrical attraction
  • Contrary to popular belief, Ben Franklin never flew a kite in a storm!

Rick guesses that this generator dates to the early 1900’s and was used for educational purposes so he decides to continue the tradition. As he cranks the generator up, he tells Chumlee to touch a socket that was getting the juice. The generator works as Chumlee complains that it hurt although I’m sure that it wasn’t life threatening! I wish the porn stars game had one of these.

Rick asks Brian if he’s been shocking himself after hearing what he wanted. Rick then makes a firm offer of $75 as he states it’s limited value. Brian decides to take the 75 and they have a deal! The pawn stars now have a back-up generator in case of a power failure.

Chumlee Gives Dung As A Gift

elephant dungWe’ve all had crazy novelty gifts in our lives. I thought that canned Florida sunshine was silly when it was given to me many years ago. But a can of elephant dung!!!!

Washington Park Zoo Doo

  • The Washington Park Zoo was founded in Portland, OR in 1984
  • they have unique ways of raising money to protect endangered species

Actually, elephant dung is used in many recycled products so we may all be more familiar with it than realize. Our seller has a can of this stuff packaged, labeled and sold for what it is. He jokingly says that he wants 10 grand for it but would settle for 5 bucks!

It figures that Chumlee thinks that he can have some fun with this and is interested right away. Chumlee gives the guy 20 bucks and the seller is happy, noting that he wished he made a similar profit margin on all the stuff he sells. Turns out he bought it at an auction for $7.50. Chumlee meanwhile has his devious smirk on and we soon find out why. He gift-wraps the can and presents it to Rick.

It gets better but you have to watch the pawn show to truley appreciate it. The show ends with this can of elephant dung rotating in a display case surrounded by a bunch of nice looking jewelry. Leave it to Chumlee to insure that it’s not just another boring day at work!


Harry S. Truman Memoirs

Truman memoirsHarry S. Truman was certainly one of the major Presidents of the 20th century. Most noted for being the only President who ever unleashed nuclear power by dropping the A bomb in WWII, but he also saw Maoist communist China formed, NATO created and the IRON Curtain dropped during his presidency.

Harry S. Truman

  • was the 33rd President of The United States and lived from 1884 – 1972
  • he served as the VP to FDR for all of 82 days during FDR’s fourth term as President
  • he only lost 1 election in his career and that was for a second term as a county judge in Jackson County, Mo in 1924
  • the Manhattan Project was the secret project that developed the A bomb which cost $2 billion to build back in 1945. That translates to about $20 billion today.

Rick must have done well in history class as he added that Harry Truman was a Senator form Missouri and as President he prevented the country from entering another depression after WWII. Truman was also the guy that fired General McArthur!

All this history is brought to light when some personally autographed memoir books and another book make their way into the pawn store. The seller who’s looking for all of $3000 is very confident that they have significant value and that they are authentic. Rick knows that history buffs and other collectors of Presidential memorabilia would just love these. Now since the most expensive rare book ever sold was Leonardo da Vinci’s “Codex Leicester” which was sold to no other than Bill Gates in 1994 for a cool $30.8 million, Rick isn’t even going to attempt dealing with this without a couple of experts.

Drew, a signature expert come prepared with sample genuine Harry S Truman signature in a series of bank checks. They were all dated in the same period as the signatures in the books and by the time he was done analysing, he stated that they are unquestionably genuine. truman signature

A rare trip outside of the pawn store brings the seller and Rick to a bookstore to meet with Rebbecca, an expert on old and rare books. Rebbecca states that The Citizen itself would be worth about $2500 just for the Truman autograph. However, due to the actual inscription and to whom it was made out to, the value goes up considerably. Both memoir books and The Citizen had personal messages written to Leon Keyserling who was a huge in-fluency to the President. Leon Keyserling was the Chairman of The Council of Economic Advisers. In Rebbecca’s opinion, this fact brought the total value of all 3 books to about $11,000.

So Rick naturally offers 5500 to which the seller balks. Ultimately she won’t go below 9K and Rick won’t go above $7500. She walks even though she only anticipated getting 3 grand when she walked in. I wonder how high of a bid she’d get on EBay?



Spying At The Pawn Shop

spy camera1950’s German Spy Camera

  • The first Minox spy camera was designed by Walter Zapp in 1936
  • The CIA defines spy as anyone who provides intel about his country to another country

The spy camera was one of the first tools involved in espionage. American magician John Mullholland taught CIA agents slight of hand techniques as early as 1953 which came in handy to use these cameras.

A guy walking into the pawn store with one passed down from his grandfather, would like to get $150 to help him celebrate his 30th birthday. It’s in good shape considering it’s age.

Big Hoss notes how spy movies became very popular in the 60’s as James Bond movies fascinated the American public. The only value that something like this would have would be to a collector of old photographic equipment as it’s certainly no super-valuable.

The seller asks for $100 after hearing Big Hoss minimize the value of this in numerous ways. Big Hoss then notices that the serial number is scratched off and there’s a name scribed into the case. This is a big red flag as anything a scratched-off serial number and a name that’s not that of the owner is a red flag. It may even be illegal for him to display and sell it. Next case as there won’t be any offer at all.