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Part Of American History

  • LeMat RevolverIs this a shotgun or a pistol?
  • The real McCoy or a knock-off?


Rick’s eyes light up when a guys opens a padded suitcase to reveal a very rare gun. The gun owner explains that this unique firearm was designed in the civil war era. It’s a combination 42 caliber 9 shot revolver but with the flick of a switch it’ll fire a 20 gauge shotgun shell. WOW! As this puppy weighed almost 4 lbs and had a reputation for blowing up because the shotgun blast couldn’t be handled by the inferior metal,  I could understand any resistance to carrying it around.

Actually, the Lemat gun was invented by Mr. Lemat who was from New Orleans and the Union was able to prevent him from getting it manufactured in the states. I guess I can understand why! Lemat wound up having 3 manufacturing runs done in France. Although only about 2900 were made, some prominent Confederate Generals were known to have carried it. Rick mentions that in 30 years he’s never had one come in before and thinks that he’d have collectors lining up for this. However, there’s probably 100 fakes out there for every authentic one.

Although the owner says that he’s a firearms collector, he has nothing on paper to vouch for this weapons authenticity. In comes Mark from the museum who adds a bit more history to make this even more interesting. He comments on someone who once fired one and didn’t enjoy doing it. Must have been a blast! Mark notices the markings and vouches for it’s authenticity. This brings smiles to the owner although Mark also states that there were also some important markings missing (probably due to someone polishing it) and the overall shape left something to be desired.

Although the owner originally thought that he’d get 18 – 20 grand he starts at 13.5 when Rick poses the infamous “what do you want for it.” Rick offers 7 and quickly goes to 9 but the owner won’t go below 12. Oh well, they part without a deal but with Rick’s final offer of 10 grand being an open offer.

Surprise, surprise….the owner comes back into the shop and Rick laughed as he guessed right that the owner couldn’t get even 10 at a gun show! The old man remarks that it’s a nice piece of American History as the Pawn Stars now own the Lemat for $10k.

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