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Paul Kinsey starts out fairly indistinguishable from his fellow Mad Men just one of many secondary characters but by the later seasonss hes a distinctive gentleman with a very personalized style. His mastery of facial hair and the sporting of emerging fashion trends breaking from the conventional 50s style deserves attention in of itself. Also Kinsey does anexcellentjob dressing his stout frame with complimentary mens clothes items. This skill is just as applicable nowadays because it was in the early 1960s and so Paul Kinseys type is worthy of close examination.
Paul Kinseys Mad Males Design
The Heavyset Man and the Sack Suit
Pre-beard Kinsey can be a extra noticeably solid man than post-beard Kinsey but he nevertheless dresses to reduce the effect. In contrast to a lot of the slimmer Mad Males he gets nothing at all but benefit out of the classic sack suit- soft within the shoulders not as well tight within the arms and only minimally tapered at the waist. Paul brown jr dob Don Draper and other people at Sterling Cooper often choose a closer match using a extra tapered waist but Kinsey sticks using the classic search and wears it loose and unbuttoned anytime possible.

The loose drape of a sack suit aids hide Kinseys bulk — though he must actually keep his hands out of his pockets.
He wears dark solids more than numerous of his fellow Mad Men at the same time. The smooth planes of unbroken colour on either side of his torso aid make the visible shirtfront seem narrower. Due to the fact his hair is a great deal darker than his skin contrary to low-contrast Ken Cosgrove the stark contrast is actually a good match creating white shirts and dark suits a flattering selection all about.
What you do not see on Paul is usually a lot of thick cloth orunnecessarydetailing. He sports a pocket square from time to time usually in a narrow fold but his suits are otherwise pretty straightforward. The three or two button single breasted design together with the lapels folded deep on his chest provides him a clean upward-spreading V of shirt material that narrows him far more than the torso-covering cloth of a vested or double-breasted suit.

Looser suits and less material across the front to get a slimmer Paul KinseyShirts and Ties the Mad Males Way
As a businessman inside the early 1960s Paul features a lot less freedom of selection in his shirts and ties than modern day men take pleasure in. White shirts have been the unbroken rule in office clothes and novelty ties had been ideal out. Like several of his fellow Mad Males Paul expresses a touch of individuality with French cuffs applying his selection of cufflink as a smaller individual note.

Nothing significant or flashy naturally this can be still the early 1960s.
Otherwise he wears considerably exactly the same shirt as absolutely everyone else- plain white neatly-pressed the point collar spread at about a forty-five degree angle and long sufficient to fall just brief of his suits lapels. His ties are pretty much normally diagonally striped and also the colors are usually plainly contrasted and sharply set against each other — this is another great point of comparison with the fairer-complexioned Ken Cosgrove who is always cautious to have colorsgradateslowly from one towards the up coming.

The colors of Pauls tie lie cleanly against each other the colours of Kens are shaded.Beards and Business Wear
Essentially the most notable type characteristic of Paul Kinsey is now his beard. This can be the early 1960s and facial hair is usually a touchy style for expert men specifically upwardly-ambitious ones like Paul although we do understand that he prides himself on becoming forward-thinking and socially liberal. But on a extra practical note growing the beard adds some useful lines to his face- the handlebar element of themustachefills in creases that otherwise make his cheeks search jowly as well as the chin hair assists limit the double-chin effect.

Beardless his face has extra lines and creases than his fellow Mad Mens.
But what happens to produce the beard appropriate for Pauls position The initial point that any man contemplating wearing a beard to perform desires to note is the fact that Pauls beard is normally trimmed impeccably. Hes been confident to shave the cheeks sufficient that theres a clean line on every single side saying look I shaved to this point — no one can accuse him of just letting what ever hair he can develop go wild.

The chinstrap is extremely deliberately shaved to the very same line as his hair.
Paul also changes his hairstyle up a bit when he begins sporting the beard combing it far more for the side and much less straight back so that the beard appears a normal extension in the hair on his head which flows down into it. And although gray does not entirely leave his wardrobe brown suits turn into a staple right after Paul grows his beard. Note the brown suits are in a suitably dark shade to contrast with his white shirts – the same way that his dark beard contrasts with his light colored face.

Suit tie beard footwear and pipe — all differing shades of brownCasual Clothes the Mad Guys Way
We get to determine slightly additional of Pauls casual fashion than a few of the other Mad Males. Hes really aggressively dressed-down when he gets the opportunity for it wearing unmatched jackets and trousers colored shirts as well as in 1 episode a striped wool mohair sweater. As Pauls characterized as the most socially progressive with the Mad Males it stands to cause that we see a little bit of the drastic fashion adjustments that come in the late 1960s starting up to play out on him very first-

The beginnings of hippie style in the unbuttoned collar and neckerchief…

…along with a truly casual wool sweater dated by todays specifications.
The important thing to Pauls casual fashion is the fact that he keeps the identical colors and cut as his perform clothes matching his selections to his complexion and his frame. And certainly hes never ever inside the incorrect outfit for the incorrect spot — like all the Mad Males he knows when to wear the unmatched jacket and trousers and when to break out the sharp gray suit and specialized tie.
Paul Kinsey is just not probably the most varied dresser — those honors fall to Don Draper or Roger Sterling — but hes one of the most effective at matching his body to his clothes and also the leader in introducing trends. The unbroken colour and loose cut of his suit work properly with his broad frame and Kinseys beard — a fantastic style option in its own suitable — is always carefully-tended and echoed in his clothing. With a bit of an iconoclastic streak that shows by way of in his off-work outfits Kinsey is certainly a Mad Man to watch for any modern day dressers

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