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Paul Revere Silver Spoon

paul revere spoon

Season 2 Episode 7
Paul  Revere?

  • Revere lived from 1734 to 1818
  • In addition to a silversmith, Revere was an illustrator and dentist.

It has been in this guys family for awhile and he needs money for his daughters wedding.

Rick thinks its coin silver and says it has a rainbow patina so it looks really old.

If it is made by Paul Revere then this thing could be worth up to 10,000$

We be calling in an expert!

Dana is here to help us out.  Dana is saying it all seems legit and not a fake. The spoon was used for sure. The stamp looks good as well. But…. there were 2 Paul Revers… arghhhhhh…

So we got Paul Revere Senior and the Paul Revere Jr who we all know.  So who made it? Wow cool Dana has a book from a museum in Mass that has all the stampings. Looks like its a real deal made by Paul Revere Jr.

So what’s it worth? Dana thinks at auction it would prob go for 12-18,000 dollars!! Cha ching!! Awesome!

Rick wants it bad! The guy asks $15,000, but we all know how that goes. Rick counters with $7,000… $8,000…. $9,000 wow Rick wants it bad… $9,500 its a deal.

DEAL $9,500

13 Responses to Paul Revere Silver Spoon

  1. I would like to know if you still had the paul revere spoon and how much you wanted for it. My Husban is paul reveres 5th great grandson .

  2. I would like to know if you still have the paul revere spoon and how much you want for it. My husband is paul revers 5th great grandson

  3. still wating for a reply

  4. nine says:

    You have to call the owners of this store:

  5. sam says:

    I would call the store. Oterwise you will be waiting and by then it will be gone.He bought it for $9500, so he will probably want at least $12,000 for it. They are nice guys, but they are just like any Pawn store. Buy cheap sell high.That’s why I would rather sell on Ebay than any Pawn shop or buy on Ebay. Try selling at an aution and you may get a little more but then there’s the waiting for it to reach an aution date and subtract all the fees.
    Good luck and Happy holidays!!

  6. Ray Ward says:

    how in the world could somebody have as little common sense as chumlee???????????
    maybe its just an act for tv but it just drives me nuts

  7. raoul says:

    Did the spoon ever sell and for how much?
    Is it still available?
    What is the asking price?

  8. Paul T Cheever says:

    I believe I have a Paul Revere spoon.It actually has what looks like a minute man ingraved into it.Not sure about it but it does say 1775 on it.Would love to find out a little more about it.I don’t have it with me a the moment so I can’t tell you what elses is ingraved in It.

  9. Ryan Kisper says:

    Hello, if you still have the Paul Revere Spoon available I’m willing to make you an offer of 17k. I have two Paul Revere spoons, and hoping to make it three.
    Contact me at Kisper Inc. (Google it). My name Ryan Kisper, I’m the CEO and when calling please say its in regards to “paul revere”. Thanks

  10. gordon says:

    Hi new to the site.My Question is dose anybody Know of any good sites to find answers on Paul Revere spoons? I found this spoon thats seems to be very old and it has five numbers and intitials that looks to be pr or fr the spoon is small and it seem that there was a hallmark on it but the spoon has been painted at one point and on the front is a engraver cat that is raised up on the spoon handle. if anybody would like to see it email me at thanks gordon

  11. Gordon Benoit says:

    I have 6 old silver spoons 2 of which has a Revere stamp they are about 4-1/2 in. long.
    I have looked them up on the net they are valued at 10 to 15 thousand each. any offers out there.

  12. Becky says:

    I have “one” Paul Revere spoon that I came across at an estate sale. I really hate to see it continue to sit in the case and not be enjoyed by anyone. If there is any one that would like additional information on it or would like to see a picture please feel free to email me. I would be willing to make a reasonable deal on this item. My email is


  13. lucas says:

    i have 10 of the spoons

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