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Pawn Star Caught in a Lie!

This was entertaining but not profitable!

Just some more reality that shows one of the ways that the pawn stars lose money in the pawn shop.

Rick finally has a buyer for a vase that he bought a year ago but finds it broken. This thing was like 200 years old! After nobody in the shop admits to breaking it, Rick is determined to get to the bottom of it. The vase was in a carton in the back room being prepared to ship out. and now it’s a carton of broken glass.

Rick and Travis watch a security video which you can see below

Chumlee is swinging around the Klingon sword that they just bought. Oops, he hits the box with the vaze as if he’s playing baseball. He’s caught red handed and the show ends with him still denying it!!!

Afew days later while on the Tonight Show, Chumlee sticks with denial!

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