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Blues Clues is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. For a kids TV show to run that long it has to be doing something right. Blues Clues does such a good job educating kids on a variety of matters that it overcame the shift of its only human forged member.
Nickelodeon runs a pair of episodes of Blues Clues just about every early morning at 11 a.m. The network is additionally celebrating the anniversary using a exceptional program identified as Blues Child Brother which premiered on Aug. 6.
Donovan Patton plays Joe who lives with Blue within a cartoon property. After we enter your home theyre commonly playing a recreation or functioning on the venture. When Joe asks Blue a query like What sort of snack do you want to create for your celebration the animated puppy leaps and helps make a massive blue paw print over the display screen. Pawn stars episodes breaking vase It is the sign that youll find it time to perform Blues Clues.
As Blue wont be able to talk until finally we get to Blues Room which well examine later she must depart paw prints on 3 items as clues. Almost all of present includes Joe and Blue going from area to space exploring for clues. Together the best way they allow their good friends Tickety Tock Slippery Soap Mr. Salt Mrs. Pepper and others with whatever theyre performing.
When Blue and Joe find a clue with the assist of an offscreen child shouting A clue A clue they write it down inside a notebook. When they have collected all three clues they go to the Thinking Chair to figure out the solution to the puzzle.

Breaking up the monotony of looking around the house Mailbox usually pops in after the second clue. His arrival is announced by an offscreen barbershop quartet singing Mail Time and Joes foot-stomping Heres The Mail song. This really is always a highlight of the clearly show even though the mail is nearly always the same thing – a brief video of kids talking about the days topic.
Another way the show can stretch its legs certainly is the Blue Skiddoo segment. This can be when Blue jumps into a book or photograph transporting the action to a completely different world. Blue and Joe can skidoo to The Present Store Birthday Land a farm a book or even a blank piece of paper. They often find their third clue on this trip and then it really is time for you to Skiddoo back to the Thinking Chair.
Of course no discussion of Blues Clues would be complete without mentioning Steve. Original host Steve Burns moved on other things in 2002 when Joe was introduced as his younger brother. One of the best episodes of Blues Clues was Blues First Holiday. The gang watches an old video that displays where Blue came from he skiddooed out of 7-year-old Steves book to become his pet. Later in the present everyone watches another video in which Blue used his paw print clues to the first time to tell everyone where toddler Joes blanket is located.
The present took a serious left turn when it debuted Blues Room in 2004. Blue was given a magic key by a fairy called Moona which takes Blue into her own playroom. Instead of being a barking cartoon puppy Blue is transformed into a talking stuffed puppet. Blue has an entirely new set of pals in Blues Area these as Roary the dinosaur Doodle Board Boogie-Woogie the juke box Frederica who always thinks its her birthday and Polka Dots the teddy bear.
The transition from Blues Clues to Blues Room is so jarring that it really is like watching two different shows. The producers have created a series of direct-to-DVD episodes of Blues Space with 3 Blues Clues episodes tacked on.

One of the best things about Blues Clues may be the wide range and depth of its teaching. When introducing new words Steve taught the meaning of the word sluggishly. The discussion of colors went all the best way to vermilion and chartreuse. This can be not a indicate that underestimates its audiences ability to learn.
Blues Clues often employees celebrity guests. Rue McClanahan played Steves grandmother. Marlee Matlin showed up several times as a librarian. Steve used sign language in speaking with her and sign language is incorporated into any display thank you you sure are smart.
As far as young ones Tv shows go Blues Clues ranks near the top with The Backyardigans Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street. It can be hard to keep up with the huge cast of characters Blue has another set of mates at school like Periwinkle Magenta Green Puppy and Purple Kangaroo. Steve and Joe have different styles but they both excel at holding kids attention extended enough to learn a thing new.
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