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OK first a few things…

I am not Rick, Corey, Chum Lee or even the old man! lol.
I am just a huge fan of the show and wanted to start a blog about it.

I get a lot of questions about how to contact the shop. Well I added a contact form below which will only go to me, so if you need help or have a question about the site let me know via the form.

If you are looking to actually call the show then use the info below. Also if you do call the guys tell them you came from this site. Guys I want a cut of the profits!

Pawns Stars Address & Location

713 S. Las Vegas BlvdLas Vegas,NV89101
Local: (702) 385-7912
Fax: (702) 366-0706

Go here to ask questions about items for sale or if you have items for sale or just wanna say wazzup!


The form below will not go to the guys. You are better off using the Pawn Stars Forum.

4 Responses to Contact

  1. Peggy Drennen says:

    I have a 1941 German Grave Marker I’d like to sell.

  2. gwenfoster says:

    Hi, My twin 21 year old daughters love Pawn Stars, amazingly one of their favorite shows. I never thought 21 year old girls would be so into pawn shops but I think it’s the personalities they love. We are going to Vegas on 7/31 to celebrate their 21st birthday and hoping for the chance to see Rick or the guys at the store. It would be a dream come true and big surprise for my daughters. Can you let me know if there is a better day or time to see them or get a pic with any of them? You would make this mom very happy. Btw, they are very beautiful girls! I’m a naturopathic doctor and would love to provide a FREE consultation in return! Many thanks!

  3. João Ricardo Argolo Veverka says:

    What sunglasses does Big Hoss wear in Pawn Stars?

  4. Kelly Brackin says:

    I have an old book that was signed by several civil war generals. Just wondering the value of the book. Please contact me at 423-584-0169.

    Kelly Brackin

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