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Starting right back in 1934 Dodge created a truck for the US Army that featured the first ever drive train that is certainly easily shifted through two wheel push to four wheel and back again from within the cab from the truck. At the end of World War II the company saw the ability to take a civilian edition of their popular army trucks to market.

The Electrical power Wagon was one of the first two production four wheel drive vehicles available to people when it hit showrooms inside 1946. While Willys Jeep made available the other option this famous Dodge is most likely the first true four wheel drive truck on the market. Getting the club this point the only generation 4x4s were in the mid and heavy weight portions and used for business or military functions. In the 1930s there was an option for private citizens to acquire their two wheel get trucks converted to four wheel through a variety of kits and companies however this was not a widespread practice. Pawn stars military item
The initial Electricity Wagon model provided to market by the kids at Dodge sported a 230ci flat scalp six putting out 94 horses a two quickness transfer case instead of the one speed military services version and a a number of speed tranny. This first model was scored as a one load and had a PTO intended for running add-on equipment along with attachments from the the front or rear with the vehicle. The model no . on this truck has been WDX and used the interior trim offer and cab that were almost untouched by 1939.
With all the soldiers going back from World War II it had been a popular and lucrative model introduction for that car maker. As opposed to go through the expensive strategy of designing a whole new car the company took whatever they already had and easily tweaked it a tad for civilian work with. The name for the revolutionary vehicle is actually a well used one. As new forms of locomotion besides the indy were introduced some sort of wagon that was power by a motor has been called a power wagon.Inch
The Power Wagon ended up being advertised and marketed as a working vehicle above all else. This was the truck made to yank and carry tons and to provide power to out of the way places used with its 4×4 drive system. With its rugged construction PTO and also 4×4 capabilities that machine could be found in place of a tractor within the farm and had been advertised as such by means of Dodge in their advertising material. With the introduction in 1949 of the hydraulic kit that had been operable from within the cab there was a ton of attachments along with add-ons that hit the market. Your choices were many like several different types of plows saws loading machine scoops diggers augers graders and even a street push broom.
While the Jeep company seems to have cornered the Us market on everything four wheel drive it was Dodge who invented a practical four wheel drive system entirely back in the 1930s. The Power Lorry was produced in it can be initial form coming from 1946 through 1968 when brand new safety requirements eventually put this well known truck out of creation.
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