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Pawn Stars Want To Know – Who’s Buried In Grant’s Tomb

Ulysses Grant souvenirThe old saying of  “who’s buried in Grants tomb – nobody”, actually has some history behind it as Rick displayed his knowledge of the Civil War era. When Ulysses S Grant died, it took another 12 years to complete his tomb and that’s where the saying came from. Today’s historical tidbits get aired by the pawn stars due to Ken looking to sell his souvenir from the funeral of Ulysses S Grant.

  • Hiram Ulysses S Grant was our 18th President and lived from 1822 – 1885
  • He led the Union army during the Civil War
  • Ulysses S Grant admitted that the “S” in his name didn’t stand for anything but it sounded distinguished
  • He was so popular that the line of mourners at his funeral was 7 miles long and even included Confederates

Ken wants 1000 bucks for this funeral souvenir but Rick won’t go higher than $125 as there are probably lot’s of these around and a limited market. Ken passes on the offer and would rather just keep it if he can’t get a decent amount for it. I guess that after this long in the business, the pawn stars have a good handle on this type of stuff without even needing an expert.


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