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Pawn Your Boy Scout First Aid Kit

Boy scout firstaid kitIf you were in the Boy Scouts, you may have one of these laying around. The Boy Scouts have had over 100 million members since its creation.

  • The Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910
  • Five US Presidents were Boy Scouts

When this old and not very sanitary Boy Scout Firstaid kit makes it’s way into the pawn store, Rick is interested immediately – perhaps it brought back memories that predate his pawn star days!

The seller found this old firstaid kit in his attic and it apparently belonged to his dad. The guy would love $60 but would be happy to walk away with 40. Rick recognizes how old it is (probably pre WWII) and is still interested even though it’s missing some items. This firstaid kit came with instructions that included pictorials on how to utilize the various components.

I wouldn’t think that there’s a big market for this type of thing but then again, there are collectors for just about anything and Rick seems to be thinking along those lines. In something rarely seen, he gives the seller exactly what he asked for as Rick was also thinking about the $60 pricepoint. Although there isn’t a whole lot of money involved here, it does show that the pawn stars attempt to be fair in their dealings

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