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Pawning for E Cigs?

ProVari24KGold-2One thing we have not really seen on the show is electronic cigarettes. Well of course we have not since there would really be no reason to actually pawn for them since they really are fairly inexpensive.

What do you think the Old Man would think of electric cigs? He was def a smoker at one point, but is he now? Anyone?

Don’t even ask me why I am on this e cig kick, I guess it was the $10 disposable I grabbed at the gas station. It had me looking online and I found a $300 + 24K gold e cig! Ha! The company is provape and you can check it out here

Pretty crazy. I have been looking a lot and I found a brand called Bull Smoke which is actually a mid line product at a great price. Seems like the best one in the mid level price range. It is not a huge brand and I think the other ones are just charging more for the name like anything else.

So I guess someone actually good pawn a 24K E cig 😉

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