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Peg leg old vintage

Check out your local auction houses flea markets and those little Mom and Pop stores and antique shops.
What is so much fun is that each week you can find something different.
I have furnished a lot of apartments and properties with things from auctions and flea markets.
Lawn gross sales are enjoyable as well – Appear for your Large property sale-flea market place in Hubbard Ohio – seven family members obtaining a large parking great deal sale Where by- 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road with the Hubbard Gift Outlets Industry parking lot for Jewellery Textbooks movies classic stuff More… same minimal plaza as Dotties Beauty PlaceUnderdog Records We still put a few things out all year depending on the weather but the big ones are over until Spring.
But if you are like me and your favorite way to shop is the minor shops auctions and flea markets – stop by my Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop for great gifts antiques and handmade goods at great prices -. Peg leg old vintage – You get to know the auctioneers and the sellers at the auctions so after a while you can tell who brings the best stuff in – LOL
The same with small shops and flea markets it is easy to get to know the vendors and often – if you let them know what you collect or need – they will hunt it down for you if they can.
What kinds of things will you come across The answer is always several which is half the entertaining

Several of the vendors from the old now closed Hubbard Ohio Flea Market place Antique Mall have set up a store with gifts and collectibles… at flea promote prices and it is located up the street a mile closer to town at 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Street – next to Dottys Beauty Shop and UnderDog Records – near Bell Wick. You may get estate jewellery antiques video clips publications handmade jewellery gifts silk floral arrangements everyday items Classic Jewelry Italian Charms handmade things greeting cards glassware classic dolls linens kitchen goods lawn objects building tools car tools vintage objects home decor baskets radios computers collectibles pet supplies all natural products hand sewn goods and a whole bunch of everything new and used.
The same is likely true for your nearby flea market place and small stores…

Auction Tips Ill tell you a few secrets to make the sale more exciting for everyone

1. Get there early to be able to inspect the things.
2. Ask about the procedures-
For most there is a no return policy
Some will take a check or very rarely a credit card card as they would substantially rather have cash discover out before you buy anything
Stop in at the desk to register and get a bid number – you will need your drivers license. Some auctions like ours in Hubbard Ohio will have you keep the same number once you register to make it easier for everyone. But even when you become a regular you will need to let them know you are there that week by registering but you likely will not have to show your license over and over once they get to know you.
Get out beforehand when any substantial products you might buy will have to be taken home – Usually it is right after the auction but sometimes they may let you make arrangements to come back at another time.
Is there a Buyers Premium that is charged and how a lot Most auction charge a 10 or more Buyers Premium to help cover employee costs and other expenses. They subtotal your bill and add another 10 onto it. This extra fee is then added to your bill. So if you bought 100.00 worth of goods It would now cost you 110.00 your profits tax.
If you not in your own city acquire out what the product sales tax percentage is the place you are so that you may make sure to add it in to your total bill.
3. Sit quietly and pay attention so that you whats up for bid. You would be amazed at how many folks end up buying things that they didnt mean to because they bid on the wrong item.
4. If you bring kids please have them sit quiety because the other bidders want to hear precisely what is up for bid and the auction staff needs to be able to keep accurate records to make sure the correct amounts are written on the correct products… .
5. Take along a few comfort objects according to the season such as a jacket a box to put your feet in to keep them off of a cold cement floor and a lap blanket to keep your legs warm inside Winter. With the Summer you may want to take along one of those tiny battery powered fans that you can actually carry in your purse or wear on a cord around your neck.
6. While you are bidding be aware of any buyers premium that might be added to your bill and dont forget to be sure that you have enough money to cover the gross sales tax far too.
7. Take along a big handful of newspapers to wrap any breakables and a few of your own boxes to put your objects in.
Want a step-by-step how-to Here you go –

Flea Current market Tips Set aside an hour to obtain a few treasures

1. Remember you are buying objects as is so search it over before you buy it. This is not the Mall exactly where you may return it if you change you mind or it is broken… .
2. Be respectful to the vendors because for most of them this is their only income. They will learn to appreciate you and may even offer you a special deal from time to time if you are nice.
3. If you think the price if way too high it is fine to ask if they can do a tiny better for you. If not or if they do but you still dont like the price – just say no thank you and move on to some thing else because the very little car salesman tricks that people try simply do not work. Many times they cannot lower prices these days because they have to pay their booth rent which has gone sky high these last few years heating and electric bills…
4. Let the vendors know what you are looking for and they might have it put away or they might have one at home… that they could bring in for you. Again be respectful here far too as if you ask for one thing and make arrangements to come back – make sure you do.
5. Lets face it some people are just plain mean and the same holds true for some vendors. Just forget about them and go on to the next booth. Dont let that grumpy gus ruin your shopping adventure.
6. If you take kids or anyone with you that has a minor trouble controling themselves pay extra attention to them so that do not grab things or break them because you will have to pay for anything they ruin.
7. Again this isnt the mall so be prepared by taking along a few bags of your own and some paper to wrap anything that could break. Most vendors will have these things but sometimes they run out if they have had a busy day.
8. Please take small bills when you go. A flea market place is usually out within the middle of nowhere and vendors are usually working the day alone so they cannot run out and get more ones and fives when they need them. There is nothing more aggravating than experiencing the first 5 people buy 2.00 worth of things and pay with a twenty and take all of your change

Gramzs Classic Jewelry Gifts booth Stop in and see Goldie

The Hubbard Ohio Present Shop offers layaway – Stop in and ask for the details.
Dianas – Hubbard Ohio Present Shop 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Street in Hubbard Ohio.
Need a present for your prom wedding or for any reason See Goldie to unearth that perfect piece of jewelry or other present. See Diana for a one-of-a-kind hand-sewn present. See Diana or Goldie to have a present basket made for you.
Hubbard Ohio Flea Current market Antique Mall is now Dianas Hubbard Ohio Gift Shop More The big small community shop with anything for just about everyone…

For anyone nearby to Hubbard Ohio – here is the information-
Dianas – Hubbard Ohio Present Shop 6177 Youngstown-Hubbard Road Hubbard Ohio 44425
noon to 5-00pm on Wednesdays and Sundays
10am to 5pm Thursday through Saturday
closed on Mondays and Tuesdays
My latest Come across

August 2009 – I went to a friends auction house and he was auctioning off an estate of a lady who loved to sew.
Oh my I was in classic fabric glory
I came home after I paid for my winning bids of course with 6-7 plastic tote containers FULL of fabric plus 2 full bolts of old fabric that were not in a tote. I have not gone through all of it yet. These totes are at least 2x2x3 feet large. There are 1000s of yards of vintage fabric in these totes There is a ton of cotton some denim some polyester some velvet some satin and about a property of fleece with Scooby Doo on it from which I am making an eye mask and neck pillow set for my youngest daughter who likes Scooby Doo. Shhhhhhhhhhh dont tell her – it is a surprise
All of this classic fabric is in great shape much too as most of it was protected in a plastic tote container which had a tight fitting lid to keep out clothes moths and dust… .
Oh my I am sewing as fast as I can
Want your own online store includes many great features support and a helpful community of good folks much too
Looking for Agatha Christie or other great guides Lots of mystery and romance guides as well as many others

Great Things at Gypsy Queen Media at eCRATER Lots of publications and tapes… from this great seller
Gypsy Queen Media
Has a ton of books and other things at great prices. I get textbooks from her all of the time because she is so nice to deal with and has a huge selection of over 5000 publications other items.
She just moved her store to eCRATER and will be listing a bunch every week so keep checking to see what she has. Here are just a few- Rugrats – Return Of Reptar VHS
There Goes a Train WToy VHS
Beethoven Lives Upstairs VHS
Really like A 45 Theatrical Art Sp VHS
A Holiday for Murder by- Agatha Christie

Peg leg old vintage In my part of Europe a whole new choice of backyard is coming up a Vintage backyard It is just a variant other than the type of garden that may be termed Shabby Stylish backyard. A vintage backyard could be built in many different ways and in addition have much in common with shabby stylish. But a true vintage garden should only be determined by re-use as well as on good quality and never so much on consummation. A vintage garden isnt really supposed to be ideal or even so very well organized. It must as a substitute be a backyard where consumers can socialize and rest. It is a garden that shows creativeness character and harmony. There ought to be no area for emotional stress or -must do-.
A classic backyard is a opposite for the modern-day way of residing with usage and throwing absent put to use stuff. It can be about preserving the older and lovely as well as a method of creating an additional lifestyle.

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