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Assembling is the fixing of computer component to form a complete system when bought in the market. When computer parts are brought together they need to put them together and the process of putting them together is known as Assembling.
Ahead of you start making or refitting a laptop or computer you can need some standard tools-
v2 Phillips-head cross-shaped screwdriver
vNeedle nose pliers
vAnti-static Wrist Strap
vA huge level working area
vAnd a grounded wrist strap
An antistatic wrist strap with crocodile clip. Optional but valuable tools some other tools and gear can come in handy too including- Spring action elements grabber.
Electrical tape Wire or nylon ties Flashlight preferably hands-free.A can of compressed air – valuable when functioning with older elements that have collected dust. Pep cereal pins
Proper preparation will be the key to a successful build. In advance of you begin make sure you have all the tools you may will need secure a clear well-lit workspace. Gather all the components youll be using and unpack them one at a time verifying that everything that is supposed to be there is actually present. At this point you should leave the components themselves in their protective anti-static bags and assemble all the accompanying manuals. Find a dry well-ventilated place to do your work. You should have plenty of light and if possible you should choose an area without carpet on the floor as carpet tends to generate a lot of static. An unfurnished basement is a good work location. Safety precautions are important for your own security. Please read the safety precautions thoroughly.
Static electricity could be the biggest danger to the expensive elements you are about assembling. even a tiny shock much too small for you to feel can damage or ruin the delicate electronic traces many times smaller than a human hair that make up your CPU RAM and other chips. Its important to use your anti-static wrist strap to prevent damage to these components. Once you have the power supply installed inside the case clip the end of the wrist strap to the outside of the power supply. Never plug your computer in while you are connected to it by a wrist strap. This will ensure that you the case plus the power supply are all connected to a common ground in other words there will be no inequality of charge that will allow a spark to jump from you to the case. Its also helpful to have an antistatic mat to set the case and other components on. Nobody but you is at fault if you shock your components with static electricity. Make sure that you take the precautions within the previous paragraph to ground yourself from static electricity. Note- if you really must work on a pc and havent got proper anti-static gear it is usually OK if you make sure that you dont move about much are not wearing any static-prone clothing handle components by the edges and regularly once a minute or so touch a grounded object.. The case metal of your PCs power supply will usually be a suitable grounded object. As noted above touch it every few minutes while you are working on your PC if you havent got a wrist strap. Turn off your pc and switch off your Power Supply at the wall ahead of installing or removing any components – if power is flowing to components as they are installed or removed they can be seriously damaged. In order to have a laptop properly grounded you need to have it plugged in at the wall but turned off at the power supply and at the wall. Never cut the grounding pin off your power cord. This safety ground stands between you and potentially lethal voltages inside the power supply. Be wary of sharp edges Many lower-end PC cases have sharp unfinished edges. This is especially so on interior surfaces and where the case has been cut or punched-out. Use care and take your time to avoid cutting your hands. If your case has this problem a little time with some sandpaper before you begin construction can spare you a lot of pain. Dismantling discrete electronic components which include your Power Supply or Monitor is dangerous. They contain high voltage capacitors which can cause a severe electric shock if you touch them. These hold a charge even when the unit is not plugged in and are capable of delivering a fatal shock.

Begin by placing your case down on your work surface with the case door facing up and open the case.
Find the motherboard standoffs spacers that should have come with the case. They are screws usually brass with significant hexagonal heads that are tapped so you can fasten screws into the top. These hold the motherboard up off the case preventing a short-circuit. Set these aside. IO Panel Shield of an ATX Motherboard Remove the IO Shield from the back of the case where the ports on the back of the motherboard will fit and put within the IO Shield that came with your motherboard. If the power supply is in your way take it out and set it aside well put it back in later. Now locate the screw holes on your motherboard and find the corresponding holes on the motherboard plate or tray in the case. The motherboard can possibly be damaged if you try to push it into position with the wrong set of standoffs underneath or when trying to use the wrong set of screw holes. Now fasten a screw through each of the motherboard screw holes into the standoffs underneath after that plug other components.
The CPU contains the Socket the heat sink plus the cooling fan on top of the CPU and the CPUs heat sink and fan are by far the most difficult steps youll have to complete during assembling. Read these instructions carefully look at the parts study the diagrams that came with your CPU and make sure you thoroughly understand what you are going to do before you try to do it. During the method if anything does not seem to fit or make sense place the components down and look things over carefully prior to you proceed. Some operations especially installing the heat sinkfan combination can require pretty firm pressure so dont be afraid to push a little harder if youre sure everything is set up correctly. Then attach the cooling fan which cools the CPU on top of the heat sink.

You are going to want to install your RAM random access memory. Find the RAM slots on your motherboard first push on the levers white plastic in nature on either side of the RAM slots so that they move to the sides. Do not force them they should move fairly easily. Put the RAM module within the socket. Line up the notch in the center of the module with the small bump inside the center of the RAM socket depending the type of memory you are using making sure to insert it the right way. Push down on the module until both levers move up into the notches on the sides of the module. There should be a small snap when the module is fully seated. Although this does require a fair bit of force.
Installing your power supply is pretty straightforward if it came with your case it was preinstalled and if you took it out earlier to get the motherboard in now would be the time to place it back. Otherwise a few moments of screwdriver work will get the job done.
Insert the card into a matching slot on the motherboard. If your motherboard has a built-in video adapter you want to use i.e. onboard VGA forget installing the Video card some of the video card came in PCI or AGP cards.
The drive jumpers are inside the middle between the connector for the IDE cable and the power connector but the location may vary. If you are using SATA drives. The jumpers usually have master and slave depending on the technician choice.
Installing the hard drive and optical drives. Old drives have PATA Parallel ATA connections which use a flat ribbion IDE cable for data connection. When using an IDE cable plug the two connectors that are closer collectively into the 2 drives along with the third to the controller or motherboard. Make sure the drive that you might install your OS on may be the primary master. NOTE you can still install two hard disk and 1 CDROM and DVD ROM in a laptop or computer by setting the first Hard disk in PR. MAS. Second hard disk PR. SLA. Plus the CDROM SEC. MAS. And last One SEC SLA. This will be the master drive on the Primary IDE bus which is usually the IDE 40 pin port on the motherboard labeled Primary or IDE 1.. Floppy Disk Drive Cable Note- IDE connectors are keyed so it should be impossible to insert them backwards. However it doesnt require very much force to do this and it can destroy your motherboard. Look carefully at the drive and the cable connection prior to you try to connect them.
Some cables are attached to pins on a board e.g. motherboard or extension card In order to turn the laptop or computer on youll require to connect the power button and while youre at it you might also do the reset buttons and front panel lights too. There will be a set of pins usually near the front of the motherboard to which you may attach the cables that should have been supplied with the motherboard.
Some people will place power to a program several times during assembling and for experienced builders this may serve some purpose. For first timers though its best to assemble a minimal total technique ahead of powering up. Minimal because that way there are comparatively few potential sources of trouble complete so that you can test everything at once and because the fewer times you have to put power to an open machine the better power on the system after every thing If the fans spin you can turn your attention to the monitor what you are hoping to see may be the motherboards splash screen usually featuring the manufacturers logo. If you see this have it in mind that you have done it. Pep cereal pins Babies are so much fun. But baby games shower are much more fun since moms-to-be godparents grandparents and other invitees in the baby shower can get to play childish games again. Some of the baby game shower which can be played contain Sing It Child Measuring up Mommy Here is Searching at You Child Do not Say Child Infant Real truth or Dare The Seventh Gift and Dig out the Pins. Infants are so significantly enjoyable. But baby video games shower are much a lot more fun considering that moms-to-be godparents grandparents as well as other invitees inside the infant shower can get to play childish video games again. A number of the baby sport shower which will be played consist of Sing It Baby Measuring up Mommy Here is Searching at You Kid Do not Say Baby Child Truth of the matter or Dare The Seventh Present and Dig out the Pins.These infant games would be the typical child recreation showers usually played.

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