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Pete Rose Baseball Cards

pete rose baseball cards

Season 2 Episode 6

Pete Rose Topps Baseball Cards

  • All times MLB leader in hits, games played, at-bats and outs
  • Banned from baseball for gambling in 1989

haha chum lees is a fan of Pete Rose the gambler not the haha.

This guy has 5 of those cards in great shape!

Man I used to love collecting cards. I have boxes of them in the attic. maybe I gotta bring them over to the pawn shop. 😉

Cory calls Rick over. They are def not fake in my opinion.

Dude how does Rick know all this stuff lol.

DOh!! Rick says they are not real!!! hahah saying printed with an ink jet printer lol. Pretty surprising that he has had them for years and they are fake.

haha this guy is pissed!! Too much!

9 Responses to Pete Rose Baseball Cards

  1. Keith Harris says:

    These Pete Rose cards ARE ABSOLUTELY REAL!! I caught a perfect glimpse of the card on a great (but lucky) camera angle shot. They somehow caught the light perfectly when they held it at an angle. That shot showed the telltale signature of the card’s unique texture. They take the time to have their “experts” look at everything else, but Rick is getting too damn cocky lately. Rick is dead wrong on this one!!! He looks like a real and “genuine” douchbag on this episode.

  2. Pawn Star says:

    I was thinking the same thing, but without seeing them in person who could really know. Yeah Rick should have called in an expert for sure. I loved the fact there were baseball cards since I was such a huge baseball card collector as a kid and I would think a lot of viewers probably were as well. Gets me excited, I think a trip into my moms attic is in order. I know I have boxes of old cards in there. hehe 😉

  3. Carmine says:

    I also caught enough of the back to say that these cards were definitely real. Even the front of the cards looked real. The next issue is value….the cards are not rookie cards as evidenced by the stats on the back of the cards. This means they’re not worth a lot of money. Calling in an expert to evaluate cards the guy wanted $250.00 for would have been a waste of time for the expert. If I was working in the pawn shop, I would have passed on these cards because they’re just not that valuable and it would be hard to make a profit on a non-rookie pete rose baseball card.

  4. Pawn Star says:

    Yeah its a shame baseball cards aren’t worth much anymore unless you have some real classics. I remember when I saved up $75 for a Don Mattingly rookie card. I think you can get them for ~$5 now. arghhhh lol

  5. Will P says:

    I watched the show tonight. I am almost 100% sure the cards are bogus, they were printed , the print is way too spotty. I have collected cards for twenty years. The guy also acted too shifty, and kept over talking, which is a tell tale sign of deception. Rick was dead on. The guy bought them on eBay, and got screwed.

  6. FreshMeatz says:

    They were fakes easy, paper was too light in weight, offset printing, like a bubble or ink jet, plus even if over 30 years old they will still have a hint smell of bubble gum on them.

  7. john doe says:

    why don’t you look at the background instead of Pete. and he had 4 of them, and the number 1 problem!!!! drum roll please!!!!!!!!

    He doesn’t talk about baseball cards, collectors love to talk about oh I got this in my collection that in my collection. I’ve heard people who own restaurants talk about how one time they had to “kill a cockroach with one hand while shaking the customers hand with the other” Its call talking shop.

    2 whores will talk shop, 2 crooks will talk shop.

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  9. teddyballgame77 says:

    @ Carmine. If you knew anything about baseball cards you would know a couple of things, The 1963 Topps set has minor league stats on the back of the rookie cards. 1963 Topps was in fact Pete Rose’s rookie card. It’s value is more closely assoicated with his bannishment from baseball, and not in the $50.00 range.

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