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To coincide with the 40th anniversary of the legendary movie Bullitt Ford released the Ford Mustang Bullitt. The Mustang Bullitt was a limited edition of 7700 cars loosely based on the Mustang GT that Steve McQueen developed legendary back again in 1968 in seven minutes of film car-chase heritage.
It shared the Dark Highland Green color scheme in addition to the iconic title although not quite a bit else.
Even with a degree of buzz the auto only had 315-bhp not a gorgeous quantity for your automotive of this dimensions and fat. Whilst I suspect that there will be an abundance of corporations within the US wholl take the motor to its five-litre capability and whack a supercharger on it for good impact. Get it approximately 500-bhp and then well be conversing a hot motor vehicle.
Mustang Bullitt
The Ford Mustang Bullitt has the 4.6-litre V8 underneath the hood with as I reported earlier than a measly 315-bhp delivered at 6000 rpm and 325 lb ft of torque at 4250 rpm. Picture of danny count without bandana Ford claimed a 151 mph prime velocity which seems decent for that sort of power output.
Transmission is known as a five-speed handbook heading by means of a three.73-one diff which I hope is really a LSD within a stay rear axle – which does sound rather 1968.
Ford advertising and marketing had been making an attempt to say that they had used to duplicate the exhaust note in the film sound-track via a specially mastered DVD when developing the Mustang Bullitts exhaust technique but not possessing heard one within the metal so to speak I couldnt say if they have succeeded.
Like a very hard core cynic I see such claims as tiny extra than product sales discuss but for around 32000 when produced new I could stay with an individual especially if I could liberate a little more horsepower someplace down the line. There isnt a great deal that can match the audio of the nicely sorted V8 on full throttle.
2008 Mustang Bullitt
In order to duplicate the glimpse of McQueens movie motor vehicle the newest Mustang Bullitt has all its exterior badging eliminated other than a Bullitt badge inside the false gas-cap lid.
For some strange explanation in addition they make it possible for a colour option but only black. That goes back towards the Product T Ford let alone 1968. Personally Id have mentioned Dark Highland Green or practically nothing or else how can it be a Bullitt replica
The interior was black leather by having an aluminium inlay into the dashboard.
Externally it came having a somewhat nice-looking set of 18 alloys by having a charcoal satin end and supposedly a more sporting suspension deal.
Ive not found a 0-60 time for a single but I might guess somewhere during the 6 second class.
As for the authentic 1968 film with Steve McQueen playing the cop Frank Bullitt really dont inquire me who did it as have no idea – and I am unsure virtually anyone else has ever definitely labored out what was going on and why in that motion picture. Nevertheless it remains to be good to watch if only for people seven minutes of V8 symphonic heaven as the Dodge Charger and McQueens Mustang battle it out throughout the hills of San Francisco.
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