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Pinnocchio; A Legend

Pinocchio-puppetJust how well does this early Disney character stack up against today’s movies?

  • still an iconic figure after 130 years
  • movie cost 2.6 million to make in the 90’s and grossed 84 million!

Bob Baker made over 3000 marionette’s in his career including the ones used in the Pinocchio movie. He also made some replicas. Three of these replicas have been sitting in the owners closet for years and he can use some cash. He brings them to the pawn stars and thinks that they’re worth somewhere between 10k and 100k. Lot’s of wiggle room to say the least!

Rick seems fascinated by them and perhaps it reminds him of the consequences of lying. He does think that there are collectors that are passionate about this kind of stuff but calls on Johnny for a professional opinion.

Johnny is a toy guru having been involved with toys professionally his entire life. Think about this statement the next time someone accuses you of being too old to play with toys! He does own the Toy Shack, here in Las Vegas so Rick takes his assessment for face value. Apparently there are many smaller size marionette’s out there but life size Pinnochio marionette’s aren’t a dime a dozen. On top of that, the owner has a numbered certificate of authenticity signed by Bob Baker himself.

Since Johnny put the value at 6k each, the owner asks for 18k for all 3. Rick explains the difference between full retail and someone selling to raise cash. They wind up shaking hands at $9500 for all 3 and both seem pleased although Rick was concerned about his dad’s opinion.

Uh oh; the show ends with the old man demonstrating his criticism as he plays with these things pleading with anyone in the store to buy them!

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