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Thinking about buying a small SUVcrossover Your CRV RAV4 and Escape one thinks of but what about the actual re-vamped 2011 Chevy Equinox My wife and I were looking to purchase each of our first vehicle in concert. We currently live in arctic windy and cold Grand Forks ND. Having been in the snow related accident last winter inside a 4 cylinder Camry my lady was determined to locate an all-wheel drive motor vehicle that she would allow the womans to be able to rebuild her winter-driving confidence up all over again.
After extensive online research of customer reviews and also testimonials we thought we would give the Equinox a look. Currently being both Conservatives it got quite a bit of lip-biting and eating of our pride to help step onto the GM dealers whole lot. The GM buyout is ancient background and they have begun to pay their debt on the government but We still have a nasty taste in my mouth. Politics aside the particular redesign of the Equinox with the 2010 model ended up being mainly what enticed us to the auto. Powered by article dashboard general tires denver
Although the RAV4 and CRV are wonderful small SUV options we planned with sharing the car and thus I turned down to drive the feme-looking Japoneses chick-mobiles no offense to any males driving these individuals. That left us all with the Ford Escape. Honestly after having a five minute conversation through an aggressive Ford store assistant about whether all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive had been better I was powered down not to mention Fords SUVs however look like boxes in wheels.
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The particular 2011 Equinox appearance-wise is modern and sexy with more European-style curves but still retains the American aggressiveness externally. On the inside finally some sort of generation-Y friendly vehicle. For many years I have been driving American sedans with two electro-mechanical outputs. The Equinox occurs standard with an audio aux jack USB dock and four electric outputs not to mention bluetooth hands-free technology. You can have your ipod laptop as well as smartphone charging at the same time Sure it can only seat five yet we are a young several barely ready to start off our family and by enough time we have enough little ones to fill a lot more than 3 seats our own income will allow for a greater gas-guzzling SUV.
We actually wound up ordering our Equinox underneath an extended family price cut thanks to my wifes Aunt who works for General motors The discount has been enough to allow people to not have to worry about bargaining the price of one off all down closer the invoice. We selected the V6 option mainly because we wanted the additional weight on the freezing roads and may sooner or later tow something…at some point. So far the AWD has really impressed me. Coming from a front-wheel drive sedan that sure is nice never to spin through Four way-stop intersections for a great 5-10 seconds before the four tires gain enough push on the snowy paths.
The Equinox isnt high-end or even focused on performance at all. The steering is a little mushy and the acceleration will be mediocre but the slapstick is fun and if you should go you can get
Deciding to save some money about our limited spending budget we went with this LT1 sure no halogen flood lamps hitch selection remote start or 8-way strength seat but an adolescent couple really doesnt need all of that. We would be capable of geting a third party hitch mounted when we need it and that we went with black colour so the plastic addresses where the halogen flood lighting fixtures would go on the higher models wouldnt jump out like two black color eyes as witnessed on other colours maybe the one style flaw Chevy built on the LT1 and lower products.
After a few months of owning the Equinox we have now no complaints whatsoever. We definitely suggest the 2011 Chevrolet Equinox LT1 V6 AWD to anyone seeking winter-dominating ride. Maybe were also biased because it is our first car yet take our term for it
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