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The actual JUDGMENT OF Rome

Achilles Ajax.


Ovid- Metamorphoses
Publication XI- The Story of Thetis
Aged Proteus had told Thetis- Goddess from the waves

Conceive- you will be the mother of a son
Who grown in order to manhood will go beyond his father
End up being called a greater gentleman. The warning reachs
The ears connected with Zeus who feels scorching fires of love
Heavy in his heart for Thetis but wantsnothing
Above themself in all the universe
Thus he keeps faraway from her embrace
Highest taker his mortal grand son Peleus the son involving Aeacus
Assume the purpose of lover key in
This virgin from the ocean…

… To this cavern often
Comes Thetis bare riding a bridled dlophin
And Peleus finds her at this time there and seizes your ex sleeping -. Property slave dog -Pleads and has refusal for his solution
And would have considered force but she escapes him
Using those old martial arts she knows- she is a bird
They holds the bird the girl with a tree this individual clings
Holding the trunk she is a seen tigress…


… She is held rapidly her arms pass on wide and sighing
She says- You must have had a god to help you
And so reveals himself gives way many Thetis
And Peleus takes your ex so and has the pleasure
And floods her with their child the great Achilles…

Peleus captures Thetis
Paris france
Hyginus – FabulaeAlexander Paris
While Priam King of Troy pops of Paris boy of Laomedon already has a number of children he she sleeps with Hecabe daughter of Dymas. His girlfriend when pregnant dreams about the blazing torch that explodes into hundreds of snakes.
When the soothsayers are told of this dream they decree that whatever the girl should give start to should be offer death or it is going to bring about the destruction of Troy.
As soon as Hecabe allows birth to Alexandros Paris he is handed over to get killed but the servants acquire pity on him and instead depart him in the forests wild rivers. Some shepherds find him or her give him the name of Rome and bring him as their son.
Whenever he grows older he she keeps a bull as a pet. Servants sent by Priam to pick out a fluff to be used as a prize in the forthcoming funeral service games start to drive away Paris bull.
He covets them and requests them to where these are taking it they inform him likely leading it to help Priam for whoever need to come first from the funeral games regarding Alexandros The funeral activities are for Rome who they think theyve killed as a baby. Paris does not realize he is Alexandros.
Spurred upon by the love of his or her bull he marches down to the games as well as wins everything outstripping also his own brothers. The furious Deiphobus draws his or her sword against them so Paris steps onto the household altar of Zeus Deiphobus can not get rid of him there.
Cassandra prophetess in addition to daughter of Priam pronounces that he is her buddy as a result Priam recognizes them and admits your pet back into his home.
THE GOLDEN Apple mackintosh

When Thetis marries Peleus Zeus invites the many Gods to a wedding feast with the exception of Eris the Goddess connected with Discord and Strife. Zeus does not need to invite Eris because he wishes to have a wedding party thats free of trouble. Nevertheless Eris hears of it and it is very angry. At the time of the party Eris all of a sudden arrives but is just not allowed to enter. Therefore she tosses a new golden apple into your midst of the wedding party… inscribed on the apple inc are the words To the actual Fairest
The Goddesses Athena the virgin Goddess connected with armed Wisdom Hera Queen of the Gods and Aphrodite the Goddess of Sexual Love Pleasure all claim it and they run to Zeus the King of the Gods to press their claim… Its mine its mine give it to me … No No its mine … Make them give it to me … No Im the fairest its mine… No its mine … Zeus is not about to touch this squabble… Hera the Queen of the Gods is his wife so unless he picks her his married life will suffer… Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom so unless he picks her she will outwit him at every turn and make endless problems for him… Aphrodite is the Goddess of Sexual Love so unless he picks her his whole love life is shot…
Zeus procrastinates for years as the Quarrel between the Goddesses festers knowing that no matter which Goddess receives the golden apple that the other two will make problems. Meanwhile Achilles is born and Thetis tries to make him immortal by dipping him in the water of the river Styx but she holds him by the heel which never gets wet so that is the only vulnerable spot on his body. Thetis abandons both son and husband but continues to intervene in the affairs of Achilles as does Apollo and Athena. Achilles is given by his father to be brought up by the warrior Phoenix and by the good centaur Cheiron. Thetis tells her son that he has two possible paths ahead of him either a long life without glory or a short life with glory.
Pressed by the Goddesses to decide who should get the apple Zeus looks down at the world of mortals and he sees Paris prince of Troy tending a flock of his fathers sheep… So Zeus calls Hermes messenger of the Gods and gives him the Golden Apple and tells him to take the three Goddesses and the apple down to the world of mortals and give the golden apple to Paris… Let Paris judge which of the three Goddesses is the fairest and should have the Golden Apple…
Each of the Goddesses offers Paris a bribe… Athena Goddess of Wisdom offers to make him the wisest man in the world if he chooses her… Hera Queen of the Gods offers to make him the most powerful man in the world if he chooses her… Aphrodite Goddess of Sexual Love Pleasure offers to give him the most beautiful woman in the world as his wife who will be madly in love with him if he chooses her… To Paris this must seem like the luckiest day of his life when in fact it is the day of his doom… He has three absolute choices and no matter which Goddess he chooses the other two will become his absolute mortal enemies and destroy him… If he chooses absolute Wisdom Athena Power Hera and Sexual Love Aphrodite will be his enemy and destroy him… If he chooses absolute Power Hera Wisdom Athena and Sexual Love Aphrodite will be his enemy and destroy him… If he chooses absolute Sexual Love Pleasure Aphrodite Wisdom Athena and Power Hera will be his enemy and destroy him…

The Judgment of Paris……..Hendrick von Balen 1575-1632
Paris is seated holding the Golden Apple in his hand while Hermes messenger of the Gods leans against the tree behind him… Athena the Virgin Goddess of Incorruptible Armed Wisdom wears a helmet and holds a shield and spear with an owl symbol of wisdom at her feet… Hera Queen of the Gods with her back turned has a peacock symbol of power at her feet… and Aphrodite Goddess of Sexual Love Pleasure has her son Eros sitting next to her holding his bow and you can see the strap of the quiver he is wearing to hold the arrows of Love.

Which is the fairest
Is it Wisdom Athena
Is it Power Hera
Or is it Pleasure Aphrodite
Which would you choose
Paris chooses Pleasure Aphrodite and so he gets Helen the most beautiful woman in the world as his wife just as Aphrodite promised… But Aphrodite never mentioned that Helen already had a jealous husband named Menelaus who was the King of Sparta… Who had a brother named Agamemnon who was the Great King of Mycenae… And that they and their allies would come in a great fleet of ships with many Greek warriors to lay siege to Troy… And that after many years of fighting the Greeks would destroy Troy and reclaim the wayward Helen.

Helen of Troy

Helen of Troy – Family of Origin
The Iliad of Homer is based on a story from the legendary period of ancient Greece a time when it is common to trace lineage to the Gods. Helen is said to be a daughter of Zeus the king of the Gods. Her mother is Leda the mortal wife of the king of Sparta Tyndareus. Clytemnestra is the sister of Helen but her father is Tyndareus. Helen has two twin brothers Castor and Pollux. Pollux shares a father with Helen and Castor with Clytemnestra. The two brothers are calledthe Gemeni the twins.
Mates of Helen and Clytemnestra
Agamemnonand Menelaus are sons of King Atreus of Mycenae. Agamemnon marries the sister of Helen Clytemnestra and became king of Mycenae after driving his uncle out of Mycenae.The brother of Agamemnon Menelaus marries Helen of Sparta. In this way Menelaus and Agamemnon are not only brothers but brothers-in-law just as Helen and Clytemnestra are not only half sisters but sisters-in-law. Helen then elopes with Paris and marries him. After Paris is killed his brother Deiphobus marries Helen.
Helen Kidnapped by Paris of Troy
Before Menelaus wins in his bid to marry Helen all the leading princes and unmarried kings of Greece are seeking to marry Helen. Helens fatherTyndareus is at a loss as to how to proceed because he fears reprisal from the unsuccessful suiters. Happy to settle for Tyndareus niece Penelope the wilyOdysseus suggests that each suitor swear an oaththat should anyone try to kidnap Helen they will all bring their troops to win back Helen for her rightful husband… to stand behind whomever Tyndarcus selects and be ready at any time in the future to defend the favored bridegroom against any wrong done to him in respect to the marriage. Everyone agrees to these terms and Tyndareus promptly chooses Menelaus who has the most wealth.
Helen does not marry Menelaus for love. Menelaus is older than Helen a serious staid man. Her father has chosen Menelaus for her as being a suitable husband. Whether or not there is love between Menelaus and Helen is unclear. At the end of the Iliad they are reconciled… But meanwhile when Paris comes to the court of Menelaus of Sparta as a guest Menelaus receives and extends hospitality to him.Menelaus then has to leave unexpectedly for Crete to attend funeral ceremonies for his grandfather Catreus. So he leaves the handsome visitor to be entertained by his wife. Helen is utterly charmed by the young stranger. And Aphrodite to guarantee the success of her project has Eros shoot Helen with his arrows of love. And Paris is young handsome and possesses manners and charm so it is impossible for Helen not to fall in love with him… Paris has fallen under her spell the first time he sees her.
The lovers have barely left Sparta before couriers are running swiftly to all parts of Greece. The unthinkable has happened. Menelaus comes swiftly back from Crete where his loitering with a nymph has allowed the elopers ample time to outdistance any possible pursuit. WhenMenelaus discovers that Paris has eloped to Troy with Helen he is enraged at this violation of the laws of hospitality. Along with Helen Paris has also stolen wealth from his treasury Helens dowry.Agamemnon is furious at the dishonor done to his family. Swift action is taken by Menelaus. Odysseus is sent to Troy to demand that Helen be returned. Though counseled by such advisers as Antenor and Aeneas to surrender Helen King Priam of Troy stubbornly refuses. He recalls the reverse situation when his sister Hesione had been kidnapped by Heracles and Telamon and the Greeks had turned deaf ears to entreaties for her return.
The envoys return to Greece and preparations for war begin. The former suitors of Helen are reminded of the oath they have sworn. Armies are recruited and ships are built. Men who had been boys when Helen married Menelaus come forward to enlist in the cause.
Helen is a daughter of Zeus she is a Demi-Goddess. She is a symbol… of ultimate beauty. She is a pawn of Gods and men. She has no control over her life or fate. Her father chooses her first husband Menelaus. Aphrodite gives her as a bribe to Paris her second husband. When Paris is killed his brother claims her and marries her as her third husband. There is noreal character development of her she is an enigma. The larger story is involved with the people around her their rise and fall. She herself seems almost oblivious to the horrors that surround her. She displays very little emotion and no remorse. She seems removed and largely unaffected by the outcome of the war. Zeus protects Helen and Menelaus because she is his daughter and Menelaus is his rightful son-in-law. So they are not made to pay for their part in the calamity.
When Paris with the aid of Aphrodite elopes with Helen the wife of King Menelaus… The Greeks begin preparing for war. Thetis realises that Achilles will die in the war if he goes so she disguises him as a girl and hides him in the court of Lycomedes on the island of Scyrus. But the Greek captain Odysseus sees through his disguise and places a spear and shield among the gifts to the kings daughters. Then when when his men blow their trumpets as if the island is being attacked Achilles snatches the weapons thereby revealing his identity. Once discovered Achilles willingly joins the Greeks… The Greeks have been told by a seer that Troy would not fall without the aid of Achilles. So at fifteen years of age Achilles becomes a General and leader of the Myrmidons. Educated by the warrior Phoenix and the centaur Chiron Achilles leads the Myrmidons in 50 ships to Troy and during the first nine years of the Trojan War is responsible for the capture of 12 Trojan cities.

When Achilles captures the city of Lyrnessus he acquires Briseis the wife of King Mynes of Lyrnessus a city east of Mount Ida that was Troys ally. When Achilles sacks Lyrnessus he slays Briseis husband and her three brothers and brings her back to the Greek camp as his prize and concubine.
In the tenth year of the Trojan War while sacking the city of Thebe east of Mount Ida Agamemnon captures Chryseis and intends to keep the girl as a prize take her home and turn her into a slave and a concubine. But her father Chryses a priest of Apollo comes to see Agamemnon and blessing the whole army he offers a generous ransom for his daughters freedom. The troops applaud the priest but Agamemnon nevertheless denies Chrysess request threatening the old man who leaves the Greek camp humiliated. So as soon as he finds himself alone Chryses prays to Apollo asking him to let the Greeks pay with the gods arrows for the tears he is shedding for his daughter. And the God having learned of the outrage his priest has suffered comes down from Olympus darker than night and shoots his golden arrows against the Greek camp that causes a plague that decimates the army. When an assembly is called to discuss the plague the seer Calchas declares that the reason for it is to be found in Apollos anger which Agamemnon has aroused by insulting the priest and keeping his daughter. On hearing this the king first calls Calchas the prophet of evil but he nevertheless agrees to give up his prize provided that another fresh prize is found to replace Chryseis and if not he says he will help himself to someone elses prize. Because of this threat Achilles calls King Agamemnon a shameless schemer and accuses him of always taking the lions share and using others to pile wealth and luxuries for himself. But Agamemnon displays his authority as commander in chief answers by letting Achilles know that in the same way that Apollo had robbed him of Chryseis he is now going to pay a visit to Achilles tent and take away his slave girl Briseis to teach him a lesson in power and kingship. Agamemnon then sends Chryseis in a ship under Odysseus command instructing him to sail to her father and give him his daughter back. But to his heralds Eurybates and Talthybius he gives the following orders…Go to the hut of Achilles… take the lady Briseis into your custody and bring her here. If he refuses to let her go I will myself go with a larger company and take her which will be all the worse for him. Agamemnon to his heralds. Homer Iliad 1.320.
These two come to Achilles ship and hut where they halt abashed without uttering a word for those who would carry out orders which they themselves deem as unjust suffer a great disgrace and are filled with shame. But Achilles breaks the silence himself saying…Heralds … I welcome you. Come forward. My quarrel is not with you but with Agamemnon who sent you here to fetch the girl Briseis. Achilles to the heralds. Homer Iliad 1.333.
And addressing Patroclus he says for all to hear…will you bring the lady out and hand her over to these men I shall count on them to be my witnesses before the happy Gods before mankind before the brutal king himself if the Greeks ever need me again to save them from disaster. Achilles to Patroclus. Homer Iliad 1.335.
Thus begins the wrath of Achilles who henceforth refuses to fight and instead amuses himself with the cithara an ancient Greek musical instrument in the lyre family in his tent. Then Patroclus doing as his friend has told him brings out Briseis and whispers in her ear saying …
Why do you weep In but a short time… will you be back here. Patroclus to Briseis. Ovid Heroides 3.24.
With those words he gives her up to the heralds who make their way back to Agamemnons tent. Briseis who follows them to her second captivity unwilling and unhappy later reproachs her lover over the readiness with which she was delivered to the heralds without even a farewell kiss. And while she is away she writes to him saying that his wrath is not deep enough… all these nights I am absent from your side and not demanded back you delay and your anger is slow. Briseis to Achilles. Ovid Heroides 3.21

Achilles and Briseis

But whereas Achilles wrath is in the eyes of Briseis not strong enough in those of the Greek army it means disaster. For Achilles mother Thetis obtains of Zeus the promise to teach Agamemnon a lesson for the outrage her son has suffered by letting the Greek army be defeated for a while by the Trojans. So it is not long before the military situation has considerably deteriorated so that Agamemnon tries to appease Achilles wrath so that he will fight again by offering him seven tripods seven women seven cities and many other gifts which include Briseis whom Agamemnon swears he has not touched an oath that Briseis also takes. By the bones of my wedded lord ill covered in hasty sepulture bones ever to be held sacred in my eyes and by the brave souls of my three brothers … who died well for their country … and by your head and mine which we have laid each to each and by your sword … I swear that the Mycenaean has shared no couch with me … Briseis to Achilles. Ovid Heroides 3.103.
But Achilles considers Agamemnons gifts hateful since the king being Menelaus brother has done to him what Paris had done to Menelaus and it was just this kind of outrage the Greeks had come to avenge at Troy. This is how Achilles rejects Agamemnons gifts keeping himself and his men idle.
Why has he gathered and led here his host this son of Atreus Was it not for Helens sake Do they then alone of mortal men love their wives these sons of Atreus No for he who is a true man loves his own and cherishes her as I too loved Briseis with all my heart. Achilles to Agamemnons envoys. Homer… Iliad
The Greeks will fall among the ships of Achilles and he shall send Patroclus his friend whom shall Hector slay before the walls of Troy. And in wrath for Patroclus shall Achilles slay Hector. Then from that time forth shall I cause a driving back of the Trojans from the ships until the Greeks shall take Troy. But until that hour neither do I restrain my wrath nor will I suffer any other of the immortals to aid the Greeks until Achilles desire be fulfilled as I promised on the day when Thetis clasped my knees beseeching me to do honour to Achilles. Zeus… Homer Iliad
When the Trojans push the Greeks back to their ships and the Battle of the Ships is raging with one ship already ablaze.. Achilles sends Patroclus out with a force of Myrmidons to avoid complete disaster. Patroclus is Achilles childhood friend and the charioteer who drives his chariot when he fights from it . But when Patroclus is killed in battle by Hector then Achilles nurturing a grief that is greater than his wrath comes to life again. He then calls a council and without asking anything officially ends his feud with Agamemnon. The king in turn acknowledges that he himself had been the one whom the gods blinded declared that he is ready to make amends and pay Achilles the compensation of the seven tripods the seven women the seven cities and all other magnificent gifts which included Briseis. …. In this manner the quarrel is ended and while the Myrmidons carry the kings gifts to Achilles ship Briseis returns to his hut where she discovers Patroclus lying dead and tearing her breast neck and cheeks she mourns him who had always been so gentle towards her and had never let her weep.
The Gods have decided that Achilles is to die shortly after Hectors death. Achilles seeks to avenge the death of Patroclus so he plunges back into battle routing the Trojans and slaying Hector their general and the oldest son of King Priam. Briseis remains with Achilles until his death which comes soon after he slays Hector. Paris becomes commander of the Trojan forces when his brother Hector is killed and to avenge the death of Hector he shoots Achilles in his heel with a poisoned arrow guided by the God Apollo and Achilles dies. This plunges Briseis into an even greater grief for her lover is said to have been an example of gentleness and courtesy- a warrior who never dishonoured the daughters of his foes as do those who letting their minds be perverted by war exercise their cowardice upon the defenseless. That is why Briseis although a captive could say before laying her shorn tresses on Achilles corpse-
Never on me came anguish like to this… not when my brethren died my fatherland was wasted… like this anguish for your death You were my day my sunlight my sweet life my hope of good my strong defence from harm dearer than all my beauty… yes more dear than my lost parents You were all in all to me you only captive though I be. You took from me every bondmaids task and like a wife you held me. ..Briseis to the dead Achilles. Quintus Smymaeus The Fall of Troy 3.560…
Thus the prophesy is fulfilled and Achilles dies. The ashes of Achilles and Patroclus are mixed together in a golden urn and buried in a common tomb… Then Paris is killed by Philoctetes and Pariss brother Deiphobus becomes commander of the Trojan Army and takes Helen as his wife. But the war is still a stalemate until the Greek captain Odysseus comes up with the idea of building a wooden horse as if it is an offering to the Gods for a safe voyage home then hiding armed men in the wooden horse and pretending to sail away. The Trojans pull the wooden horse into the city and in the stealth of night the Greek ships return and the Greek soldiers in the horse overpower the guards at the gate and let them into the city… And so Troy is taken by surprise… and the Greeks are victorious.

The Trojan Horse is pulled into the city of Troy
But are the Greeks the winners… No… A whole generation of Greek men are wasted in striving for the Power to overwhelm and destroy the city of Troy a pointless war fought over Helen the fickle trophy wife of King Menelaus. And in their pursuit of power the Greeks have committed many sacrileges against the Gods. In their destruction of the city of Troy the Greek warriors in a blood lust even break into temples and slaughter people who have sought refuge there spilling human blood on the altars of the Gods.The Greeks have committed the greatest possible atrocity by defilingthe altars of the Gods with human blood. Thus they have sealed their own doom for they have outraged the Gods who will now destroy them. And even if they survive and return home they are worn out and their lives and estates have been wasted.
Many like the great Achilles have already been killed in the fighting so will never return…Others die as the returning fleet of Greek ships is destroyed by a violent storm sent by the angry Gods to punish them for their actions… Others return home to treachery and deceit.

The God Apollo loved the Trojan Princess Cassandra a virgin priestess at the Temple of Apollo in Troy so he gives her the gift of prophecy… But when she rejects his sexual advances she angers him. He can not take back his gift of prophecy so he curses her so that no one will ever again believe her prophecies. She tries to warn the Trojans that the Trojan Horse is a Greek trick to gain entry into the city of Troy but no one will believe her.During the killing and looting after Troy is captured by the Greeks Cassandra seeks refuge and sanctuary in Athenas temple.She clings to Athenas altar praying for protection. The LesserAjaxthe Locrian son of Oileus finds her there and rapes her.Odysseus fearing that Athena and the other Gods will destroy them on their journey home advises the other Greek leaders to stone the Lesser Ajax to death for the sacrilege he has committed before Athenas altar. But Ajax saves himself by throwing himself on Athenas defiled altar pleading for mercy. The Greeks foolishly do not punish Ajax so that many of them incur Athenas enmity and wrath…At Athenas insistence Poseidon God of the sea sends a violent storm to destroy much of the Greek fleet as they sail for home. Though Ajax manages to swim to safety and cling to a rock he defiantly boasts that not even the gods could kill him. Poseidon then hurls a bolt of lightning that splits the rock in two. And Ajax falls back into the sea and drowns.
King Agamemnon takesPrincess Cassandraas his slave and concubine when he sails for home. On the journey back to Mycenae she has a vision and sees that she and Agamemnon will be murdered soon after they arrive in Mycenae. She tries to warn Agamemnon and the others but once again no one will believe her… While he was gone King Agamemnons wife Clytemnestra Helens half sister has taken Aegisthus Agamemnons cousin as her lover and together they murder Agamemnon shortly after he arrives. Then Clytemnestra takes an ax and kills Cassandra. Aegisthus and Clytemnestra then rule Agamemnons kingdom. But they in turn are killed by Agamemnons son Orestes to avenge his fathers murder. Orestes then goes mad because he has committed the great crime of killing his mother.

Clytemnestra kills Cassandra
The Trojan War has lasted 10 years. When the rest of the Greek fleet of ships sails for home Odysseus stays behind to offer sacrifices to all the Gods. Because of this he escapes the violent storm that Poseidon sends to destroy the Greek fleet. But althoughOdysseus is a favorite of Athena heis still fated to wander the sea in his ships for another 10 years before the Gods will allow him to returnhome to Ithaca. He performs heroic feats in his adventure Homers Odyssey he suffers greatly and he loses all his men and their 12 ships before he reaches home. Then when he arrives home disquised as a beggar he finds his faithful wife Penelope Helens cousin who has been waiting 20 years for his return is besieged by a swarm of predatory suiters who want to marry her so that they can seize his wealth. He must then drive them out and kill them before he can reclaim his wife and estates.
King Menelaus kills Deiphobus Helens third husband and mutilates his body removing all of his body parts one by one and spending special time on his eyes the eyes having witnessed the naked Helen. At the end of the warMenelauss men want him tokill Helen. Sowhen theGreeks are razing TroyMenelaus searchsthe city in order to find Helen with the intention of killing her to atone for all the pain she has caused. But when he finds her in the ruins and sees again her breathless beauty he drops his sword and takes her up in his arms. When Menelaus sets sail for Greece with Helen his ship is blown by the winds first to Crete and then to Egypt. But Menelaus is pious and offers sacrifices to the Gods and after 7 years in Egypt the Gods finally relent and Menelaus is allowed to returned to Spartawith Helen where he settles in Lacedaemonand where they live the rest of their lives and are buried together in a modest shrine.
Which is the fairest… is it Pleasure … is it Power … or is it Wisdom
Every day of our lives we are the judge. And the results of our judgments becomes our Fate.

Herbert James Draper – Ulysses and the Sirens 1909

The sirens seek to lure Odysseus and his companions to their death with their melodious voices.
Odysseus escapes the Sirens by having all his companions plug their ears with beeswax… and tie him to the mast of the ship because he is curious and wants to hear the Sirens Song. When he hears their beautiful song he is overcome by it and struggles to get loose in order to follow the Sirens into the sea ordering his companions to untie him so that he can join them. But they ignore him as he has ordered them to do. When they have passed out of earshot Odysseus stops thrashing about and calms down and his companions release him… Odyssey XII 39.

P.O. BOX9…WANG SAPHUNGPOST OFFICE – WANG SAPHUNG…LOEI PROVINCE – 42130THAILAND Property slave dog The Humble Administrators Back garden is the largest of Suzhous four classical landscapes and the only one with out a tea house.
The origin of the Extremely humble Administrator Gardens history can be traced back to your late 8th century during the Tang Dynasty 618-907 if it was the dwelling of scholar Lu Guimeng. During the Yuan Dynasty 1271-1368 the garden took over as the monastery garden of the Dahong forehead.
The garden was appropriated legally stolen by Wang Xiancheng a senior public cleaning who not surprisingly has been under investigation through the secret police of that time.

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