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Ministry of Commerce of Machinery and Electronics Industry Support Division Director of Three Kingdoms the Guangdong Provincial Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Deputy Director Zhu Zenan Yuexiu District Guangzhou Bian Yong deputy head of your Authorities Yuexiu District Guangzhou Economic and Trade Bureau of Jian-Guang Tan Deputy Director China International Auto Elements Expo Arranging Committee and Director Li Rengui other major trade associations around the country responsible for far more than 10 folks far more than 50 Automobile Components Strength of corporate CEOs much more than 30 mainstream media attended the conference web page to discuss market improvement. Car Elegance Decoration star ratings criteria press conference 2009 5 27 organized by the Ministry of Commerce China Association of Automobile Producers car supplies branch co 2009 China International Automobile Components Expo and Auto Magnificence Decoration star ratings requirements of national standard-setting news will in Guangzhou Asia Global Hotel Conference Centre. Published news upcoming news submit a new story groups bmw motorcycles 2009 Automobile decoration industry star ratings criteria for beauty a press conference on-site The news conference through the China Association of Vehicle Producers automobile materials Branch Secretary-General Hu Jiacheng over. Important theme on the news conference was on auto decoration industry star ratings standards for elegance the formulation of national standards. China Motor vehicle decoration Products market within the improvement process the absence of relevant national policies and small business services business standard guidance making the market increasingly appears behind the prosperity of a great deal of problems such as fake and shoddy products intellectual property infringement fraud management and so on. Automobile Magnificence and Decoration Star Rating Guidelines is the decorative automotive splendor market norms and the star ratings assessment principles methods and requirements on the regulations. The conference called on the elite automotive magnificence and decoration market enthusiasts all over the nation come to carry out the associations to participate while in the formulation of market standards. China Association of Automobile Manufacturers auto supplies business standards branch chairman Wu Hai describes the formulation of relevant content The news conference the Ministry of Commerce another theme is to convey the power of encouraging enterprises to participate from the national auto materials exhibition platform China Worldwide Car Elements Expo news supported from the Ministry of Commerce the Director of Three Kingdoms detail the 2009 China Global Auto Components Expo exhibition with the situation automotive provides automotive after-market by senior members of Chinas auto parts and materials enterprises are facing difficulties and opportunities analysis interpretation on the Commerce attention cause the development from the automotive provides industry. This shows that the China Worldwide Automobile Components Expo began to automotive supplies business attracts the friendly hand. China International Auto Components Expo is organized with the Ministry of Commerce Chinas automobile marketplace after the only national exhibition platform it is Asias largest Global Auto Elements Expo held while in the third year will be September 24-26 in Beijing China International Exhibition Centre. 2009 China International Car Elements Expo exhibition devoted an auto materials the proportion of about 30 of the booth during the previous exposition is unprecedented. To enable automobile supplies organization get better display and exchange the Ministry of Commerce will also be held during the China International Fair launched Modified vehicle Forum. In addition the Ministry of Commerce has commissioned specifically authorized branch of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers car materials for 2009 China Global Car Components Expo exhibition area automobile supplies breeze work and organization of your Forum. China Association of Auto Producers car materials branch chairman said Wu Hai spoke at the meeting- inside the next few months will be all-out power in the brand automobile provides business exhibitors. The Ministry of Commerce Ministry of Commerce of Machinery and Electronics Market Assistance Division Director of 3 Kingdoms the Guangdong Provincial Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Deputy Director Zhu Zenan Yuexiu District Guangzhou Bian Yong deputy head from the Authorities Yuexiu District Guangzhou Financial and Trade Bureau of Jian-Guang Tan led by Deputy Secretary both spoke at the meeting expressed full help for industry standards supporting world-class automotive products exhibition platform for companies to show strength. Guangzhou Daily Southern Metropolis Daily Yangcheng Evening News New Express Guangdong TV Taiwan Southern Television Guangzhou TV and other mass media car magazines vehicle Friends Contemporary cars HC Network Automotive supplies reported that famous Gallery Golden News China Automobile video Network 21CN network after the market place such as motor vehicles and full participation in the mainstream media coverage. Published news upcoming news submit a new story groups bmw motorcycles 2009 So youve won any writing award Congrats What can you do currently to make the most of the award so it brings you even more income
Astute contest managers will do everything they might to publicise ones win. Certainly your own writers name and perhaps your winning narrative should appear in the web site or another guide to honor you together with – not least – to encourage potential entrants to enter over the next event.
All money apart to see your story published and offered by thousands of people is usually a joy in itself. Numerous winners in a creative producing contest say that very good is more gratifying as opposed to cash.

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