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Have you ever read the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
It used to be required reading in high school but that seems to have changed – its probably too intelligent for todays students to absorb.
In the ebook Soma was the drug that everyone took with the intention to forget about their complications and think happy. Huxley continues to be stated to get been predicting Prozac and all of the other psychoactive medicine we commonly prescribe right now to create every little thing more effective.
The truth is however I believe that Huxley was really predicting the information media of right now. Consider about this for your minute.
Each individual night millions of Us citizens tune into the information networks- CNN Fox NBC ABC or what have you ever. Each and every one of individuals networks will perform the identical information tales with each and every story developing a numerous slant and with none basically discussing the reality.
The story will boil right down to one in all 3 points- political right-left arguments a crisis or alert that requires fast awareness or perhaps a pending concern that demands quick focus – almost certainly in the govt. Published news upcoming news submit a new story groups box set
Ever observe this phenomenon
Exterior of your incredibly nearby stories in addition to the homogenized feel good human curiosity tales people 3 issues explain any information story broadcast. Check out the news flip some channels and notify me if Im improper.
Information AND Entertainment Will be the Identical TO THEM
What they are doing is entertaining you not informing you. Which is what news may be to them enjoyment and ratings. They only present you with 50 percent the story piece belonging to the reality a bit of your knowledge – just ample for making you keep viewing. Then they drop by industrial.
From time to time it would seem as though they are all in league with each other and therefore are working to deceive you. How can this be Right after all theyre all unique news organizations proper Well not actually.
THE News AND Enjoyment CABAL
As soon as you boil down the possession belonging to the primary information companies – the tv print and broadcast media – you find out that you will find only a handful of them that individual all of the broadcast and print news inside nation. 4 being specific.
No ponder they all seem the exact same. Best suited Now look at that all those four information proprietors are all receiving their info from the exact two information feeds or aggregators. Those two can also be owned by all those same four corporations.
Now it extremely is sensible. No So what regarding the lacking tales and empty information facts
Information AND Enjoyment MISLEADS ON Objective
Nicely maybe not totally on intent but they do it willfully that is for positive. There might be a rationale guiding the manipulation because the possession is so concentrated nevertheless it could also be they are all just learning from the same school as it had been. Probably this slim editorship just tends for making every one of the news a similar on any channel.
For example a short time ago there was a considerably concerning outbreak of flu that was heading all over. It had killed quite a few people in Mexico but up to now inside U.S. had only impacted about 80 people and all of them had just been just a little less than the weather – the worst of them had gone with the emergency space and been offered over-the-counter medication.
Effectively the news developed it audio like there was an incredible pandemic of the deadly virus spreading all the way through the nation originating from Mexico. It was prepared to destroy every person. We have been in lethal peril from this evil flu strain invading our nation. eighty persons received a bit ill. That translated to pandemic.
The news interviewed scientists physicians anybody they could obtain a hold of with the ounce of credibility. They wanted to know what was staying achieved and how we could stop this and especially what folks in the home can do. It absolutely was pathetic.
Pathetic but enlightening. No wonder extra and more most people day-to-day abandon the nightly newscasts and go via the internet for their news or look at John Stewart. On a substantial note concealed behind Stewarts humor is a courage to consult crucial doubts that most people prevent.
But the truth is not any laughing issue.
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Astute contest organizers will do everything they can to publicise your win. Certainly your writers name and possibly your winning story should appear in their particular web site or another newsletter to honor you and also – not least – to encourage future entrants to enter next event.
All money apart to see your tale published and available by thousands of people is often a joy in itself. Several winners in a creative creating contest say that nice is more gratifying than the cash. Indeed a lot of contest organizers get wondered precisely why they bother to offer money at all.
Heres a suggestion- have a biographical kit wanting to hand for those times probably many of them whenever some organizer ask you- please send us a photo plus around 100 words describing your occupation get older family hobbies previously published works plus any writers magazines as well as online groups you subscribe to.

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