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Have you ever read the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
It used to be required reading in high school but that seems to have changed – its probably too intelligent for todays students to absorb.
From the ebook Soma was the drug that everybody took so that you can forget about their challenges and sense completely happy. Huxley may be explained to get been predicting Prozac and each of the other psychoactive drugs we generally prescribe nowadays to generate every thing greater.
The truth is even though I believe that Huxley was in fact predicting the information media of right now. Assume about it for the moment.
Every night time millions of Us residents tune to the information networks- CNN Fox NBC ABC or what have you ever. Each one among people networks will play the same news tales with each story having a diverse slant and with none definitely discussing the reality.
The tale will boil right down to among a few details- political right-left arguments a crisis or alert that needs quick consideration or perhaps a pending problem that must have fast attention – in all probability through the govt.
At any time notice this phenomenon
Outside of the incredibly neighborhood stories and also the homogenized feel good human interest stories those a few items describe every last information story broadcast. Published news upcoming news submit a new story groups business business home internet opportunity Enjoy the information flip some channels and notify me if I am incorrect.
News AND Enjoyment Would be the Identical TO THEM
What they are carrying out is entertaining you not informing you. Which is what information is always to them entertainment and ratings. They only present you with 50 the story piece with the fact a little bit on the material – just sufficient to produce you preserve observing. Then they go to industrial.
From time to time it seems as if they are all in league with each other and therefore are doing work to deceive you. How can this be Just after all theyre all distinct news organizations ideal Well not extremely.
THE News AND Entertainment CABAL
Any time you boil down the possession from the big information firms – the tv print and broadcast media – you discover out that you can get only a handful of them that own all of the broadcast and print news with the nation. Four for being actual.
No surprise all of them appear the same. Appropriate Now think about that people 4 news owners are all obtaining their data from your exact same two information feeds or aggregators. Individuals two are also owned by all those exact same 4 firms.
Now it honestly is sensible. No So what in regards to the lacking tales and empty information specifics
News AND Entertainment MISLEADS ON Objective
Effectively perhaps not totally on function nevertheless they get it done willfully thats for certain. There may well be a purpose powering the manipulation considering that the ownership is so concentrated nevertheless it may be they are all just mastering from your comparable school because it ended up. Its possible this narrow editorship just tends to produce every one of the news precisely the same on every single channel.
For example lately there was a rather about outbreak of flu which was going about. It had killed many people in Mexico but thus far during the U.S. had only affected about 80 many people and all of them had just been a bit of beneath the weather – the worst of them had gone with the emergency room and been presented over-the-counter medication.
Very well the information built it sound like there was a tremendous pandemic of a deadly virus spreading throughout the nation originating from Mexico. It absolutely was able to destroy absolutely everyone. We have been in deadly peril from this evil flu strain invading our nation. 80 folks acquired a bit sick. That translated to pandemic.
The information interviewed experts medical professionals virtually anyone they might receive a hold of using an ounce of credibility. They desired to know what was getting executed and how we could quit this and particularly what people today in your house can do. It was pathetic.
Pathetic but enlightening. No wonder significantly more and much more folks day-to-day abandon the nightly newscasts and go over the internet for his or her news or observe John Stewart. On a significant notice hidden at the rear of Stewarts humor is the courage to consult vital doubts that other folks steer clear of.
However the real truth is not any laughing matter.
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