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I was an avid reader regarding newspapers since my own childhood especially in the actual Malayalam language My Mother tongue. At the age of A dozen onwards I used to go through English newspapers and magazines which I compiled from my senior sister who was an employee Nurse working in Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh. Every time she visits area on vacation she employed to bring some The english language news papers in addition to magazines for me. The particular Hindu The Express Followers Digest and the Created Weekly of India are some among them.

Immediately after giving those newspaper publishers and weeklies she accustomed to tell me Read these noisally and carefully though you may well not understand it initially dont give up read understand and read. Published news upcoming news submit a new story groups employee training She mentioned one more thing read the Bible regularly in Malayalam as well as in English. Take a single verse from the English Bible and then look at the same verse on the Malayalam Bible. This particular suggestion I followed very religiously coming from that time on. Plus the slogan of Read Study and Read implanted i believe and I took that will very seriously in addition to started reading all kinds of things and the Bible.

Here something more important I wanted to mention is always that my grandmother single mothers mother too would have been a voracious reader on the Bible. I had some sort of vague memory of this later I heard from my mother in relation to her mothers examining habit. My mom too is a significant reader of the Holy bible. You can read more about my own reading experience here as of this. Associated Content.

Furthermore let me say a thing about our major family. We are 5 brothers and two siblings. Four of us bros were at home with the parents rest of the several one elder close friend and two elder siblings were away from home in addition to was staying beyond the state on occupation.

In my village then English news forms were not common. Dad was an employee of the sugar factory Travancore Sugar and Chemicals Ltd in the future it was known as Pamba River Factory initially it was fully managed because of the British officials. My father studied up to secondary school and was able to speak in English with some of these English reps. This made him or her to have a close associate with those people. My dad worked as a father and quite often he or she need to visit most of these officers houses as part of his career. Knowing my willing interest in reading my father while returning home most likely borrow some The english language newspapers and publications from those officers residences.

So this way I became acquainted with the Hindu newspaper since my the child years. I think this was the sole English newspaper we are in our village upon those days. At the ages of 12 onwards I used to read this paper along with note down some tough words especially from its editorial pages in my notebook.

In the year 1976 once i was doing my personal journalism course throughout Rajendraprasd Institute of conversation and Management Bhavans university Hyderabad our principal Flexibility fighter late Mister. V.H. Desai proposed us to read this Hindu newspaper especially its editorials. Though he became a regular reporter in addition to contributor to some other newspaper publishers and magazines this individual suggested us to touch on this newspaper as well as editorials. From that time lets start it was my standard practice to read its editorial carefully. I too started next my principals footsteps in addition to started telling other individuals about this paper and its particular credentials. Few of my personal relatives and friends are now shifted to this national magazine.

At present I am working as an Associate Editor associated with an English bi-monthly also promote the publications within English and in Malayalam. Now I am a regular contributor to various publications in print and on the internet media. Many of my own write-ups fetched prizes and many of which published in specific page columns.

The Hindu newspaper or its style of telling the tale journalism played an important role in my life especially in my writing encounter.

Let me take this opportunity to thank its periodical team for the unremitting service they give to the society and also the readers day in and day out. PV

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