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Blizzard Entertainment Inc. is a video gamedeveloping company founded in February of 1991 under the name Silicon Synapse. In 1994 the company officially became Blizzard Entertainment Inc. The company has gone on to produce remarkable games such as the Warcraft Starcraft and Diablo series as well as the MMORPG World of Warcraft.
Blizzard has achieved much of their recent popularity from WoW World of Warcraft but have always had a loyal fan base and likely always will. In this article well be exploring Blizzards history community and video clip games. Blizzard creates amazing video clip games. Video games are good for you. So in conclusion Blizzard cares about your well-being.
Between Blizzard and I is actually a love story. They make games so amazing Im willing to stay up all night cracked out on energy drinks to play them. Ive built friendships through their games and made totally new ones as well. Its more than just a game its a lifestyle. Its a lifestyle that I take pride in. For that Blizzard I thank you.
Play on a PC for best experience. Macs FTL.
The History of Blizzard A brief history
Silicon Synapse later to become Blizzard Enjoyment Inc. Published news upcoming news submit a new story groups island lake recreation area was founded by Michael Morhaime Allen Adham and Frank Pearce in February of 1991. The business first focused on creating video game ports for other studios making titles such as J.R.R. Tolkiens The Lord of the Rings Vol. I and Battle Chess II- Chinese Chess.
Transitioning into the year 1994 they had been acquired by distributor Davidson Associates for 6.75 million. They called themselves Chaos Studios but changed it soon after realizing that a corporation with that title already existed. Shortly after Blizzard released their hit Warcraft- Orcs and Humans.
Blizzard changed hands several times being acquired and reacquired by a number of different companies all the while producing games such as Diablo and Starcraft. Eventually Blizzard evolved into what it is today- Activision Blizzard.

Blizzards Big Three Warcraft Starcraft Diablo
Blizzard has three main franchises known as their big three. Each franchise has a loyal following of its own but in the end we all share a love for Blizzard and their games. Read on for a brief overview of all of the games of the series.
Warcraft 1994 – Warcraft- Orcs Humans 1995 – Warcraft II- Tides of Darkness 1996 – Warcraft II- Beyond the Dark Portal 1999 – Warcraft II- Edition 2002 – Warcraft III- Reign of Chaos 2003 – Warcraft III- The Frozen Throne 2004 – World of Warcraft 2007 – World of Warcraft- The Burning Crusade 2008 – World of Warcraft- Wrath of the Lich King 2010 – World of Warcraft- Cataclysm
In addition to the many video games the Warcraft franchise also has a trading card video game multiple tabletop games many books and comics and soon there will be a Warcraft movie. Yes its been officially announced. Its going to be brutal and awesome. Were definitely not going to make a G or a PG version of this. Its not PillowfightCraft. says Chris Metzen co-producer.
Starcraft 1998 – Starcraft 1998 – StarCraft- Brood War 2010 – Starcraft II- Wings of Liberty
Starcraft is more than just a video game with multiple books and graphic novels written about the story and many future works in progress.
Diablo 1996 – Diablo 2000 – Diablo II 2001 – Diablo II- Lord of Destruction
Many booksgraphic novels have been written based on the Diablo storyline. A third recreation is planned and in the works.

Warcraft- Orcs Humans 1994 was Blizzards first video game in the Warcraft franchise and ultimately what brought them mainstream success. There are currently 4 games not including expansions in this series. Warcraft takes place in andor around the world of Azeroth. In a quick attempt to summarize the story the Orcs were sent from their home in Draenor or Outland to the Eastern Kingdoms of Azeroth where the Humans had made residence. War ensued. Many new races have been introduced since the franchises birth from the typical fantasy races of Elves and Trolls to unique races such as the Draenei or the Worgen. Eventually Warcraft the real-time strategy recreation led to World of Warcraft the MMORPG. Warcraft continues to be popular among gamers and is one of my personal favorites as far as RTS games go. The series continues to grow and a Warcraft 4 is rumored but wont begin production until after the all of the Starcraft 2 expansions are released.
This is truly a great game for lovers of fantasy as two warring people battle with swords and magic for control.
World of Warcraft MMORPG
World of Warcraft is often a massively multiplayer online role-playing sport MMORPG. The recreation was released on November 23 2004 on the 10th anniversary of the Warcraft franchise. WoW takes place within the world of Azeroth approximately four years after the events at the conclusion of Warcraft III- The Frozen Throne. It continues the Warcraft storyline and takes it one step further by putting you in the story. WoW actually holds the Guinness World Record for most subscribers around 12 million in October of 2010 and rising. World of Warcraft is estimated to hold 62 of the MMORPG market.
As with most other MMORPGs you control a single character in-game exploring the landscape fighting various monsters completing quests fighting other players crafting things and pretty much doing whatever your heart desires. The beauty of the game is that its open-ended. You arent limited as to what you can do because theres so much available to you. 15 per month is usually a small price to pay for all of the time you can put into this recreation.
Starcraft is another successful Blizzard strategy recreation which since the original release 1998 has spawned one expansion one sequel and one die-hard fan base.
Starcraft is set in a distant part of the Milky Way Galaxy known as the Koprulu Sector at the beginning of the 26th century. Long before any of the games a species known as the XelNaga genetically engineered the Protoss and later the Zerg races in attempts to create pure beings. These experiments backfire and the XelNaga are nearly destroyed by the Zerg. Later on the government of Earth commissions a colonization program as part of a solution to overpopulation and manages to send the Terran Earths race to Protoss space where they are promptly attacked by the Protoss and Zerg who were already at war with one another. The three races battle for control.
As with Warcraft many different tactics and strategies have been developed by players allowing for very diverse gameplay in this RTS. With guns and aliens this game is for everyone but if you love sci-fi then you you must own this video game.
In the universe there is an eternal conflict between the High Heavens led by the Angiris Council and the Burning Hells led by the Prime Evils. Some of the angels and the demons grew tired of the conflict and left to find a place untainted by the battle. Led by Lilith the daughter of Mephisto eldest of the Prime Evils they ended up living together and eventually creating the world of Sanctuary. The high angel Liliths mate Inarius also created a massive crystal-like object known as the Worldstone which he bound to Sanctuary and himself. It hid Sanctuary from the High Heavens and Burning Hells. Over time the union of angel and demon blood created beings with astounding powers named Nephalem. The Nephalem revolted and eventually caught the attention of the Archangel Tyrael. He established the Horadrim to prevent the Prime Evils from taking over the world but after many things went awry Diablo a Prime Evil manifested once more wreaking havoc on Sanctuary.
A truly great fantasy RPG everyone should add this sport to their arsenal. Diablo 3 coming out soon Pick up one and two today.
Blizzards New MMORPG A work in progress.
In April of 2007 job ads showed up from Blizzard seeking developers for a Next-Gen MMO. Toward the end of this year a Blizzard employee said that it would not be an expansion for World of Warcraft and that it would be totally new IP intellectual property. This rules out World of Starcraft a rumor of something that has been floating around for awhile now. Sorry its not happening.
Job listings indicate that Blizzard wants 2 years video game development experience modeling and texturing sci-fi and fantasy character armor and weapons for next-gen art pipelines. So its Sci-Fi they want but it sounds like theyd still like to keep some fantasy elements in the sport.
Not much information has been released but check back as this article will be updated as soon as news is available.
BlizzCon first started in October 2005 held at the Anaheim Convention Center where it has been held since. Its an annual convention of all things Blizzard where youll be the first to learn about all of the new projects progress on current projects and anything else Blizzard thats left to see.
Everyone in attendance gets a Goodie Bag filled with all things Blizzard such as redeemable codes for in-game items closed beta passes and various other prizes. DirecTV carries Blizzcon as a PPV event 39.95 for both days. All BlizzCon 2009 Pay Per View event purchasers received an exclusive Grunty the Murloc Marine World of Warcraft in-game pet and had access to the online stream for no additional cost provided they entered their DIRECTV account number into the stream site login.
The metal band Tenacious D will be performing at Blizzcon 2010 and there have been other musical guests in years past such as Ozzy Osbourne. Blizzcon is usually a huge gathering of like-minded gamers and can be a great place to be.

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