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SARFT for TV over the air entertainment to make the fewer limit Yesterday the actual reporter got the news that SARFT is indeed a special meeting of the part associated with radio and television programs about the prevention of excessive activity forum to rectify the revolutionary Deal in the development of activity but will limit as to what extent still unidentified .
Choreographers broke what is the news bureau to limited amusement.
Last month smashed the news on TV turns to famous good friends choreographers again broke in the microblogging pygmies- SARFT for provincial TV programs over leisure requiring local Telly from July lets start 17-00 to 22-00 the entertainment must not go beyond three times weekly. In
Although all the major Television set then that would not receive the instruction connected with SARFT broadcast entertainment programs still remain but a majority of insiders have depicted great concern. Such as Hunan Digital television Big Zhi-Yong Chong Guan the host in the micro-Bo Li Rui wrote- In improvement to entertainment you also like to see what types of applications ah
Rumors of entertainment limit order are going to be implemented in This summer and now the time has come but did not see any standard document issued sector and media forthcoming nexus s still another to find out. Published news upcoming news submit a new story groups non profit business plans
General comments there have been moves
Recently the reporter ended up being informed by the adjustable inquire SARFT has been exclusively held on the part of tv and radio programs to prevent abnormal entertainment forumInch invited Liaoning Shanghai Sichuan Beijing Jiangsu Zhejiang Hunan Guangdong Guizhou STAR in connection with leadership participation. Decided to go with these few Television set because their weekly night time prime time enjoyment more.
At the community forum SARFT to convey a limited send out entertainment should be genuine some of the TV said entertainment limit order will significantly affect the overall earnings is a hit on tv.
Thus in the discussion board the two sides failed to reach a one understanding. But SARFT with regard to TV entertainment also and follow the tendency of serious high-quality content and a few bad public opinion played a role ended up being very worried therefore must be rectified TV entertainment is in the yes.
Reporters learned that SARFT is good for the Star Television set does not include Closed-circuit television and local stations this is not on the star simply because three is a particular variety of CCTV routes so the broadcast activity is normal. But the provincial Tv set station to be set up to news amusement too will change the news station founded the principle.
Rectify the final entertainment content for your New Deal in this formulation stage is still unknown but it really should be introduced in the other half. Text reporter Fang Fang
Reporters Commentary
Considering todays TV software programs of the TV genuinely become the main activity content.
Television version in fact but on the new program and most of the entertainment of.
Yujis perform relies on entertainment but there are too many entertainment programs it seems that many ungrateful. But depict such beautiful persons blind as a trifling subject family privacy a standard hundreds of millions of people the key families with youngsters can only stay in the Childrens Channel … … can not help but want to SARFTs courage in addition to applause.
The level of the audience provides limited entertainment modern day television sorrow.

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