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SARFT for TV transmitted entertainment to make the low limit Yesterday your reporter got good news that SARFT is indeed a particular meeting of the part associated with radio and television programs within the prevention of excessive activity forum to rectify the New Deal in the development of amusement but will limit as to what extent still mysterious .
Choreographers broke what is this great bureau to limited amusement.
Last month pennyless the news on TV transforms to famous pals choreographers again smashed in the microblogging pygmies- SARFT for provincial Television programs over enjoyment requiring local Television from July lets move on 17-00 for you to 22-00 this entertainment must not exceed three times weekly. Inch
Although all the major Telly then that did not receive the instruction involving SARFT broadcast entertainment packages still remain but a majority of insiders have indicated great concern. Published news upcoming news submit a new story groups travel forum Such as Hunan Digital television Big Zhi-Yong Chong Guan the web host in the micro-Bo Li Rui wrote- In improvement to entertainment you additionally like to see what types of plans ah
Gossip of entertainment limit order will probably be implemented in Come early july and now the time has come however did not see any recognized document issued market and media speculation is still another to find out.
General comments that there have been moves
Recently the reporter was informed by the multi inquire SARFT has been specifically held on the part of radio and tv programs to prevent too much entertainment forumIn . invited Liaoning Shanghai Sichuan Beijing Jiangsu Zhejiang Hunan Guangdong Guizhou STAR associated with leadership participation. Selected these few Television set because their weekly nighttime prime time amusement more.
At the online community SARFT to convey a limited transmit entertainment the some of the TV said amusement limit order will really affect the overall sales is a hit in the news.
Thus in the online community the two sides failed to reach a unified understanding. But SARFT regarding TV entertainment too and follow the tendency of serious high-quality content and many bad public viewpoint played a role has been very worried therefore must be rectified Telly entertainment is in the positive.
Reporters learned that SARFT is good for the Star TV does not include Closed-circuit television and local stations and not on the star since three is a unique variety of CCTV programs so the broadcast activity is normal. But the provincial Television set station to be established to news enjoyment too will change the news station recognized the principle.
Rectify the final entertainment content with the New Deal in the actual formulation stage remains unknown but it must be introduced in the wife or husband. Text correspondent Fang Fang
Reporters Commentary
Taking a look at todays TV programs of the TV genuinely become the main amusement content.
Television revision in fact but for the new program and quite a few of the entertainment of.
Yujis perform relies on entertainment nevertheless there are too many leisure programs it seems that some ungrateful. But to get across such beautiful men and women blind as a trifling matter family privacy a common hundreds of millions of people the trick families with youngsters can only stay in the kids Channel … … can not assist but want to SARFTs courage and applause.
The level of the audience features limited entertainment modern-day television sorrow.

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