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Have you ever read the book Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
It used to be required reading in high school but that seems to have changed – its probably too intelligent for todays pupils to absorb.
Inside the book Soma was the drug that everybody took in an effort to fail to remember their problems and come to feel pleased. Huxley happens to be claimed to have been predicting Prozac and each of the other psychoactive medicines we typically prescribe right now to generate all much better.
In point of fact however I think that Huxley was definitely predicting the news media of presently. Think about this for your moment.
Just about every night time thousands and thousands of Us citizens tune into your information networks- CNN Fox NBC ABC or what have you. Each and every amongst all those networks will perform a similar news stories with each and every tale obtaining a completely different slant and with none basically discussing the truth.
The tale will boil right down to among 3 stuff- political right-left arguments a crisis or alert that requires rapid consideration or perhaps a pending issue that requirements immediate attention – probably from your govt. Published news upcoming news submit a new story groups unique profession
At any time detect this phenomenon
Outdoors in the highly nearby tales and then the homogenized feel good human curiosity tales these a few items describe all information tale broadcast. View the information flip some channels and notify me if Im wrong.
Information AND Enjoyment Would be the Same exact TO THEM
What they are carrying out is entertaining you not informing you. Which is what information is usually to them entertainment and ratings. They only provide you with 50 the tale piece of the reality a bit for the info – just good enough to produce you retain watching. Then they head to industrial.
Occasionally it looks as though they are all in league with each other and are operating to deceive you. How can this be Just after all they are all various news organizations right Clearly not extremely.
THE News AND Entertainment CABAL
Once you boil down the ownership within the significant news corporations – the television print and broadcast media – you discover out that you can find only a handful of them that possess all the broadcast and print information in the nation. 4 to be exact.
No wonder they all look the identical. Proper Now look at that all those 4 information owners are all becoming their facts from the identical two information feeds or aggregators. Individuals two can also be owned by individuals comparable 4 firms.
Now it honestly is sensible. No So what with regards to the lacking tales and empty information knowledge
Information AND Enjoyment MISLEADS ON Purpose
Well probably not entirely on goal however they get it done willfully thats for certain. There may be a rationale behind the manipulation seeing that the possession is so concentrated however it could also be that they are all just knowing from your equivalent school because it have been. Its possible this slim editorship just tends to produce all the information exactly the same on each channel.
For example a short while ago there was a somewhat concerning outbreak of flu which was going all around. It had killed quite a few people in Mexico but to date inside U.S. had only affected about eighty people and all of them had just been a little bit underneath the weather conditions – the worst of them had gone for the emergency room and been given over-the-counter medicine.
Perfectly the news manufactured it sound like there was an incredible pandemic of a deadly virus spreading all through the nation originating from Mexico. It had been wanting to destroy most people. We had been in lethal peril from this evil flu strain invading our nation. 80 most people acquired slightly ill. That translated to pandemic.
The news interviewed researchers doctors any one they might have a hold of with an ounce of credibility. They wanted to know what was becoming accomplished and how we could prevent this and especially what persons in the home can do. It was pathetic.
Pathetic but enlightening. No surprise significantly more and more many people every day abandon the nightly newscasts and go online for their news or observe John Stewart. On the critical notice concealed guiding Stewarts humor may be the courage to consult crucial queries that other people keep clear of.
But the fact is not any laughing matter.
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